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Tanuj Opens Up On Being Away From Mother Rati For A Year

Soon to be seen in the much awaited webseries Tandoor alongside Rashami Desai on Ullu app, Tanuj opens up on being away from mother Rati Agnihotri for a year.

In his latest interview, film and digital star Tanuj opens up on being away from mother Rati for a year.

Soon to be seen in the much awaited digital webseries Tandoor on Ullu App opposite Rashami Desai as male lead, in a recent tete a tete chat interview, Tanuj opens up on being away from mother Rati for a year.

Tanuj Virwani apart from being an actor is an ideal and doting son that every mother craves for who is always in total awe and love of his mother Rati Agnihotri and in his new conversational interview, Tanuj opens up on being away from mother Rati for a year.

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The actor recently took to his instagram handle and dropped a totally lovely and adorable picture of him and his mother Rati Agnihotri which very nicely documented his sadness of being away from her for over a year now. His caption on the picture posted on 8th April read, “Not seen u in 395 days now Ma but not a day goes by that you are not on my mind. Miss you and love you. Need my Rock back now”. Now with being almost 400 days away from her, the actor is really missing his mother very deeply as well.

Source: Tanuj Virwani Instagram. Few days back, he posted this picture on his handle and documented sadness of not being together for more than a year now.

When asked about the same in his recent interview with a leading digital entertainment portal, Tanuj shared, “It has been tough on all of us as a family. I have grown up with my parents, did my schooling and college in Mumbai and we all still live together. So, in my 34 years of being on this planet, I have never been separated from my mother for more than a year and when I think about it, it feels absurd. This is for the first time in my life, but thankfully, we have technology and video calls to keep us connected. We make sure to speak to each other daily over video calls and that’s what keep us going”.

Also further informing about how his mother is actually away in Poland right now, Tanuj asserts, “She usually spends a few months there every year with my maasi. They have opened a chain of restaurants there and I am really proud of how successfully she has switched careers from being in movies to being an entrepreneur. But all said and done, I truly miss her a lot and hope to reunite with her soon”.

Tanuj also opening up on how before this, the longest time that they had been apart was over one month said, “It used to be when I was out on a shoot, and that would be a month at most. It’s just a drop in the ocean compared to a year. 40 to 400 days is a big leap. I just hope I don’t have to make another post for her as that would mean we’ll be apart for longer. I hope the next post I make is of us coming together for a picture in 2021”.

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