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Surbhi’s Gorgeous Look As Bani Made Sharad Vibe With Her

Ishqbaaaz (Star Plus 2016- 2019) fame stunning TV actress Surbhi's gorgeous look as Bani made Sharad vibe with her.

Currently seen as the gorgeous and stunning shape shifting serpent aka Naagin Bani in Naagin 5 where she is winning the hearts of the audience’s, her fans, the viewers with her powerful and brilliant acting and also her on screen chemistry with Sharad Malhotra who plays character of Cheel Veer and is also her on screen husband in the weekly show which comes on the weekends at Colors TV is being lauded and loved by the audiences and ardent fans of this show. Surbhi is really in the best phase of her life at the moment. To keep her fans more entertained on the social media especially her Instagram, Surbhi posted few pretty snaps of herself I her Bani look from Naagin 5, and then her comments section got filled with fans loving her stunning avatar, but the most amazing scoop here is that apart from her fans and friends, Surbhi’s gorgeous look as Bani made Sharad vibe with her.

Surbhi took to her official Instagram handle and posted a few mesmerizing pictures of herself as Baani in a beautiful red colored muffled ruffle style saree which went viral and trending on the Instagram just within a few hours where all her fans went wow and shared their love for her and the look through their comments for her in her posts comments section. But also apart from all this, the most special thing indeed is that Surbhi’s gorgeous look as Bani made Sharad vibe with her.

Lately, on the Indian Television if there is one adorable reel life jodi which makes the hearts of the audiences and fans go aww and swoon with love over their on screen sizzling chemistry as Veer and Baani also shipped by their fans together on social media especially Instagram as #VaNi, it’s without a doubt Surbhi Chandna and Sharad Malhotra. So when Surbhi posted a picture of herself in Baani look, that moment itself Surbhi’s gorgeous look as Bani made Sharad vibe with her.

Where their on screen mythological and supernatural love story of Naagin Bani and Cheel Veer is being raved and loved by everyone which is also one of the most important factors of Naagin 5 being more intriguing and successful enough in creating its own fan base on social media platforms and they both are giving brilliant performances for their characters in the show. Apart from the never ending fan love and applauds, this is also amazing to see that their off screen camaraderie and friendship is also amazing where Surbhi’s gorgeous look as Bani made Sharad vibe with her.

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After watching the recent episode of the weekly show Naagin 5 that airs on Colors TV on weekends, fans and Netizens couldn’t stop themselves from going totally lovey dovey and mushy as from their beloved OTP #VaNi, Veer finally ended up confessing about his love To Bani where he unveiled his reality and real persona of being an Ichchadhari cheel and also told that he loves her a lot by admitting about his hidden feelings in front of Bani.

Looks like after she shared her colorfully vibrant picture in a red saree as Bani, then even Surbhi’s gorgeous look as Bani made Sharad vibe with her.

Surbhi posted a few amazingly clicked pictures of herself as Bani and her post caption for the same on Instagram read, “Ruffle Muffle #banisharma #banistylinggoals #sclookbook #naagin5 #swipeleft Thankyou to the team who gets all these looks together”.

Source: Surbhi Chandna Instagram. She shared these pictures of her Bani look from the upcoming week’s episode of Naagin 5.

After this picture of Surbhi, even Sharad posted a picture of #VaNi doing the Navratri puja together with each other where their eyes are speaking a thousand words even in the silence and they both are seen as lost in each other’s eyes completely.

Sharad’s caption for the picture read, “Back to Monday and waiting for Saturday”.

Source: Sharad Malhotra Instagram. He shared this picture of Veer and Bani doing Navratri puja together in Naagin 5’s upcoming week’s episode.

It feels like Surbhi is missing being on the sets of Naagin 5. Surbhi posted few resplendent and spectacular pictures of herself as Bani where she could be seen in a red colored ruffled style saree accompanied with a colorfully vibrant halter neck blouse fused along with multi colored bangles in her hands and medium sized oxidized silver jhumka earrings in her ears where her look is completed with her long open tresses. Her look is stylishly comfortable since it is both an amalgamation of being stylish and yet comfortable enough.

Are you all also excited and pumped up to witness and watch the next captivating twists and turns in Veer and Bani’s life on Naagin 5 ? Kindly let us know in the comments below.

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