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Supriya Shukla: Though I Got To Know Title At End, But Its Perfect

In her latest interview, the nuanced and ace TV actor Supriya Shukla says that even though i got to know the title at end, but its perfect.

In her recent interview, the nuanced TV actor Supriya Shukla says though I got to know the title at end, but its perfect.

Having been part of the showbiz industry for more than two decades now, best loved for her character of Sarla Arora in Ekta Kapoor’s Kumkum Bhagya, Supriya Shukla says though I got to know the title at end, but its perfect.

Supriya Shukla has been in the industry for almost two decades now and has been a part of films like Parineeta, 3 Idiots, Do Dooni Chaar, and Main Tera Hero, to name a few along with shows like Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki, Tere Liye, Kumkum Bhagya to her credits, Supriya Shukla says though I got to know the title at end, but its perfect.

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FNP Media’s short film which is a beautifully conceptualized tale with focus on bringing the LGBTQ community at forefront by showcasing this totally strong and empowering story about love regardless of sexuality and coming out of the closet is titled as Almariyaan which has already released a few days back on the 9th July.

The film stars Supriya Shukla, Rajesh Sharma and Pranav Sachdev in leading roles and primarily revolves around a middle-class family where the son is trying to open up to his parents that he is gay, but instead they connect the dots and try to make their son realise that whenever he is ready to come out of the closet, they will be supportive and comfortable.

Supriya was happy to be on board the short film and said, “The title ‘Almariyaan’ was very correct because we keep everything that we don’t want to show others in a closet and close it. It’s a part of us but it’s always there in our Almariyaan and I thought that it was the best title they could’ve given”.

She also added, “It happens in the society also. Of course the topic that we are dealing with in this film is there and otherwise also there are a lot of other things which we don’t want the society to see. It’s a part of us, but it’s always there in our Almaris. Though I got to know the title at the very end, I feel it was just perfect“.

Almariyaan has been written and directed by Jiya Bhardwaj and Supriya praised her for being so clear about what she wanted in the film and on this she said, “I was very happy to know the way it was written. Pranav told me that Jiya (Bhardwaj) has written it, and I really enjoyed working with her. She understood the whole emotion so well, and she was so clear about her shots, so I was really very happy to see that clarity in such a young director”.

This was the third time that Supriya worked with Rajesh and she confessed that working again with a co-actor has some comfort level and opening up on it, she adds, “I have worked with Rajesh ji earlier as well. We played husband and wife in ‘Parineeta’ and ‘Doordarshan’. He’s a wonderful actor and a wonderful co-actor and because we have worked earlier, there was an understanding of the mechanism and working pace and everything about him. So that’s always a blessing. He is a fabulous actor. Pranav was new but he understood the whole concept so well because that’s how he narrated the film to me. I think Pranav, Rajesh ji, Jiya and everybody else were so well versed with what they are going to do with the film and it made me so happy to be on-board”.

When asked about her experince of working with FNP media, Supriya shares, “It was beautiful. They made the whole stay so comfortable, and everything was so nice. Initially, I was just dealing with Pranav but when I met everyone on the set everything was so beautiful and I think when the project is beautiful everything falls in place. And I think that has reflected in the film. I am also looking forward to watch it. All the best to FNP and they should keep doing the beautiful good work and they should keep making good films and keep casting me”.

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