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Supernatural Bids Farewell, CW’s Longest Running Show Ends

CW's longest running show comes to an end. After entertaining for 15 years, Supernatural finally says goodbye as it films the last day of shooting.

With heavy hearts and wet eyes, CW’s longest running series Supernatural bids farewell as it shoots its last day of filming.

The story about The Winchester brothers and their long running crusade to fight demons and all beings Supernatural finally comes to an end. For 15 whole seasons, Sam and Dean Winchester entertained the audiences with their wit and grit. So it is with a heavy heart they bid farewell to its loyal fanbase.

Sam Winchester, portrayed by actor Jared Padalekci took to twitter to bid adieu to the series that changed their lives.

Jensen Ackles also conveyed his thoughts on instagram with a couple of photos from the last days of shooting. “Woke up at 6am this morning. That alarm went off with a heavy tone,” the actor said with a heavy heart. “Today is the final day of a 15 year journey. One that has changed my life forever. To those I have worked with on this journey and to those who have watched and supported…you will never understand my great appreciation for you. ‘Thank you’ doesn’t cover it. There just aren’t words. I’m so grateful for these memories that I will carry with me forever. What a ride it has been. And what a run.”

Meanwhile, co-star Misha Collins expressed his gratitude for the show on Twitter: “#ThankYouSupernatural. You’ve changed my life in so many ways and you changed the world for the better. Fight on.”

Jim Beaver disclosed that he will be taking part for the final shooting. Stating his love for his co actors he promised to kick ass one more time. Jim Beaver played Bobby on the show.

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Creator Eric Kripke along with former showrunnner also took to twitter to share the show’s legendary run along with other returning fan favorites.

The show based on the premise of two brothers in search of their father was a hit from the beginning. It has a very loyal and huge fanbase domestically as well as internationally. Supernatural is based in the action horror genre but caters to a variety of audiences.

The antics of the brothers and characters like Castiel, played by Misha Collins, entertained audiences for more than a  decade.

In its historic run of 15 seasons many characters came and went. Supernatural today has cult status and it has made its stars and even the Imphala icons of fiction.

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