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Sunil Grover’s Funny Reaction To Will Smith’s Oscar Slap Controversy

Indian comedian Sunil Grover gives a funny reaction on Will Smith and Chris Rock Oscar Controversy. Watch the video!

Will Smith’s physical attack on stand-up comedian and host Chris Rock came as a big shocker for everyone around the world. Will couldn’t take a joke on his wife’s shaved head, walked up on stage and slapped Chris Rock.

After this physical attack on a comedian at the world’s prestigious award function in the field of entertainment, popular Indian comedian Sunil Grover was asked to share his views. Reacting in a light-hearted manner, Sunil chuckled and said, “Thank God, it didn’t happen to me.”

Sunil Grover was on a hiatus from work after a heart attack in January. The comedian underwent four bypass surgeries and was admitted to a hospital for almost a month. He recently returned to work as he performed live on stage at an event for Jai Bheem Short Video App. Speaking about the same, he said, “I have mixed feelings. It’s like a mixed vegetable. I am performing after a long time. I am excited to perform on stage in front of a live audience but I am nervous as well. But excitement is more.”

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