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Rahul Vaidya – Disha Parmar Wedding: Choreographer Sumit Khetan Says, “They Have Been Very Accommodating And Sweet”

Choreographer Sumit Khetan is excited to work with Rahul Vaidya and Disha Parmar for their wedding, says, "it's a lot of fun."

Choreographer Sumit Khetan who specializes in wedding choreography is currently busy in Rahul Vaidya and Disha Parmar’s wedding. Sumit is choreographing Rahul and Disha for their Sangeet ceremony which is happening on 17th July in Mumbai.

Speaking about the special song and the choreography Sumit says, “Yes I am choreographing Rahul and Disha’s sangeet and it’s a lot of fun. Rehearsals have started a week before. I can obviously not reveal the songs but there are definitely exciting songs from Hindi films. As far as Rahul and Disha are concerned they both are very bubbly in nature and it’s fun to teach them. Every day evening we are keeping the rehearsals.”

Speaking about his experience Sumit adds, “The experience is very positive because both of them are full of life. Rahul is very expressive and Disha is an amazing dancer. I must say they are quick learners. They have been very accommodating and sweet. They don’t have any tantrums and try to understand the options we are giving them. They are happy to understand as to what we want to teach them and very comfortable and adjusting. They have really liked my choreography and said that it is catchy and cheerful, which is really encouraging.”

Speaking about Rahul and Disha’s favourite dancing stars Sumit mentioned for Rahul it is Shah Rukh Khan and Disha likes Kareena Kapoor Khan’s songs.

So how will you rate them as dancers?

“Who am I to rate them as dancers?  Both are amazing dancers and have their own plus points. Rahul is super-expressive. For example, even if he forgets a little bit of choreography very smartly he covers with his face. Rahul dances a lot with his face along with the body. Rahul uses his presence of mind a lot.  On the other hand Disha is so quick that you just have to teach her once. She’ll pick up the steps and do it so nicely and gracefully. The best word to describe, Disha is very graceful and Rahul is very expressive. And the combination is magical.”

Sumit has been into wedding choreography for quite some time now and he has also choreographed actor Ruslan Mumtaz’s sangeet in past.

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