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Sudhanshu: People Connect With Actors When They Sing In Their Voice

Currently seen in the remarkable and multilayered performance of Vanraj Shah in Anupamaa, Sudhanshu Pandey says people connect with actors when they sing in their voice.

Best known for his strong performance as Vanraj in maverick producer Rajan Shahi’s TRP topping hit show Anupamaa which airs on Star Plus and has been jointly produced by Rajan and his mother Deepa Shahi under their banner Shahi Productions Pvt Ltd, in his recent interview, Sudhanshu says people connect with actors when they sing in their voice.

Currently winning hearts of fans and audiences with his strong performance as Vanraj Shah in Anupamaa, Sudhanshu says people connect with actors when they sing in their voice.

Though he plays an egoistic, dominating character Vanraj Shah in the show, his strong screen presence has made the audience fall in love with him and opening up more on his passion for singing when fans saw him singing in his own voice on Anupamaa, Sudhanshu says people connect with actors when they sing in their voice.

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It’s not news that Sudhanshu Pandey is a fabulous singer, but watching him sing in his TV show Anupamaa was a visual treat. In one of the recent episodes, the actor crooned “Neele neele ambar par” in his own voice, and shared that he truly relished the moment.

However, this is not the first time that he sang in the popular TV show. Earlier, during the Rakhi celebration sequence the entire cast recorded a song in their own voice and on this Sudhanshu said, “I think it’s only natural for people to connect more with the actors when they are singing in their own voice. It just makes it more endearing. It makes it more relatable so that is why they did attempt to do that and I think it works beautifully well”.

He also added, “It is always fun when an artist or a singer has to sing and entertain the audience. For me it was again one of those moments when I really enjoyed singing because people like to see me sing or hear me sing so I think it was a great opportunity to entertain my co actors and a few others who were there for their character roles so it was good fun”.

When asked if the song Neele neele ambar par was his choice, he said, “The song was a joint sort of a decision. There were few options and I said this would be the best and my creative head also said yes this is the best. Let’s do this because it’s going to get our feelings. Plus it’s a very beautiful song and it’s just very soothing to the ears”.

Sudhanshu Pandey is currently seen in Rajan Shahi’s show “Anupamaa” as Vanraj Shah and is playing it so effortlessly and the audiences love the complexity of his role.

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