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Sudhanshu On His Story Copying Loev’s Poster Says I Was Shaking

In his latest interview off late, the ace and noted film maker Sudhanshu Saria reacting to Alt Balaji copying their film Loev's poster says I was shaking.

Recently we all saw how the giant Indian OTT streaming platform noted film / TV producer Ekta Kapoor’s Alt Balaji had been accused by the makers of critically acclaimed film for illegally copying their original poster design from Loev and then we saw how Ekta Kapoor issued a public apology and also took down the posters from social media as well. Now in a recent interview, Sudhanshu on His Story copying Loev’s poster says I was shaking.

The noted film maker speaking more about how he felt upset, Sudhanshu on His Story copying Loev’s poster says I was shaking.

In the latest tete a tete conversational interview sharing details on entire controversy, the ace film maker Sudhanshu on His Story copying Loev’s poster says I was shaking.

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Iconic film maker Sudhanshu Saria who helmed and directed the very beautiful and cinematic masterpiece, a same sex love story which starred Shiv Pundit and late Dhruv Ganesh in leading roles, (sadly, Dhruv passed away suddenly after the film got completed) was really surprised and shocked enough to see the poster of a totally new and fresh Ekta Kapoor produced webseries titled His Story where the story’s main plot is about a closeted man (Satyadeep Misra) who finally comes out in the open when he meets the character that is essayed by the TV actor Mrinal Dutt.

Sharing about how he couldn’t really imagine and fathom when he saw that his poster has been so shamelessly and appallingly copied and ripped off, Sudhanshu responded, “I was shaking. I was so upset! I posted about it on social media. They’ve apologized and seem to have taken down their hatchet job. But it’s the culture of derivation that saddens me. Why do they do this? What makes them think they can get away with it?”.

Also this is important to note that it is certainly not the first time that Ekta Kapoor’s Alt Balaji has been slammed for plagiarising a poster. As just recently enough, the poster of another same sex romantic love story A Married Woman was seen to have totally just copied its poster from the Kate Winslet starrer Hollywood film Ammonite.

One of the actors feeling hurt and upset by this development, was quoted saying, “I had no idea our poster was a  copy. Why do something so shameful?  The  Loev director has every reason to be upset”.

The His Story poster was ultimately taken down from all social media handles after the ace and maverick Bollywood film maker Vikramaditya Motwane wrote a scathing and befitting comment on social media against the unfair practice of blatant plagiarism.

Alt Balaji’s official apology to the makers of Loev read, “On the 9th of April, we released a poster of ‘His Story’ and were made aware of the existence of Sudhanshu’s ‘Loev’ poster. The uncanny resemblance and similarity cannot be written off as a mere coincidence. It has been an oversight on part of our design team. For this, we apologise”.

It furthermore also read, “We respect the creativity of every designer and would never intentionally life their work nor disregard their talent. Thus, an apology to the artists involved in the making of this poster is warranted. We have deleted the poster from all our platforms and we humbly apologise to the artists involved in the creation of the beautiful poster of ‘LOEV’”.

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