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Sudhanshu Gets Candid On His Character Vanraj In Anupamaa

Acing the character of the multi layered Vanraj Shah in Rajan Shahi's hit TV serial Anupamaa on Star Plus, TV star Sudhanshu Pandey gets candid about his character Vanraj in Anupamaa.

Currently he is winning the hearts of the audiences and fans with his brilliant portrayal of the multi shaded layered character Vanraj in Rajan Shahi’s hit tv serial Anupamaa on Star Plus and is feeling grateful and jubilant for all the fan love getting showered on the show and him by audiences and netizens each day. Being an actor is not an easy feat and explaining the same, Sudhanshu gets candid on his character Vanraj in Anupamaa.

During the stellar TV star’s latest interview, speaking in detail about how difficult it is to get into the skin of the character, Sudhanshu gets candid on his character Vanraj in Anupamaa.

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Being an actor is no easy feat. Though it looks all glittery and glamorous from the outside, only an actor knows how difficult it is to get into the skin of every new character they play, especially when it is nowhere close to their real personality. And a very good example of this would be Sudhanshu Pandey, who is playing the role of Vanraj Shah in Rajan Shahi’s Anupamaa. The actor said that his character needs to maintain a balance between not being completely positive or negative.

The “Khiladi 420” actor plays the role of a man who is way too unhappy with his wife Anupamaa and is having an affair outside his marriage. He shared that he is happy with the kind of response he is getting for his character but confessed that it’s no cakewalk. 

Furthermore, explaining his happiness at audience’s response for him acing the character of Vanraj in Anupamaa, Sudhanshu said, “I am glad that people feel that I have nailed the look of Vanraj and I am doing justice to it. It is the biggest achievement for any actor when people start to feel and believe what the actors want them to believe. In my case, it’s a man who is very dominating, he is unhappy with his wife and as a result, he treats her badly, and he is also having an affair with his office colleague. He is not completely bad, he is not completely dark, he is a family man, he has got a good heart, but when it comes to Anupamaa, his wife, he becomes a different person”.

He also added, “There’s enough valid reason for him to be the way he is, but he is only a human being and he has looked for his happiness outside on a personal level which is only his happiness to keep his heart filled with love and affection. This is a very complicated character. As an actor, I don’t want to come out as a complete villain or a completely positive guy because he is neither, he is a grey character and most of us are grey in our lives, so it’s a very thin line to walk on”.

The Singh Is Kinng (2009) actor, mentioned that without Vanraj Anupamaa has no existence, and also said that he accepts the hatred towards his character in a positive way.

Elucidating on the same Sudhanshu quipped, “Anupamaa’s existence is completely dependent on Vanraj’s character and I guess I have to be bad and I have to be consistently bad so that Anupamaa is loved by people. A lot of people love him also, but even the hatred towards him is the love that this character is getting, and unless you hate this character you can’t love Anupamaa because her character falls flat if there is no Vanraj”.

Lastly, Sudhanshu concluded the interview by saying, “I am glad and I feel blessed that it’s got the kind of response it has and Vanraj is unanimously hated by a lot of people who watch him”.

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