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Wednesday, May 12, 2021
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Suchita Trivedi: I Am Excited For The Love Aaj Kal Track On Indiawaali Maa


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Indiawaali Maa will be delving into this very narrative and draw a parallel between two love stories separated by 20 odd years. The track will draw comparisons on how ‘love aaj kal’ now is so different from ‘love aaj kal’ with regard to Rohan and Cheenu’s love story and Rohan’s parents- Kaku and Hasmukh’s age old love story.

In a fascinating turn of events, Hasmukh played by the ever affable Nitesh Pandey will narrate his love story with Kaku essayed by the effervescent Kaku to Cheenu in the show, just like Rishi Kapoor narrated his to Saif in the movie Love Aaj Kal. The viewers will get to relish the sweet romance between ‘Kaku’ and ‘Hasmukh’ that is set some 25 odd years ago.

Both the actors will adorn a much younger look to play their parts and will be seen indulging in an innocent, childlike and beautiful romantic sequence giving an insight to the audience on how the story of Kaku and Hasmukh actually began.

Suchita Trivedi: I Am Excited For The Love Aaj Kal Track On Indiawaali Maa

Sharing her excitement on the same, Suchita said, “I personally believe that intimacy has changed in its meaning now. There’s so much communication happening around everywhere yet people are lonely. Relations are fragile and bonds are so easily breakable. It has changed so much from our times but for the worse. The bonds we built were genuine.. more solid. While there wasn’t much of communication tools back then, we were still more secure with our partners and with ourselves. Needless to say, this particular track made me nostalgic for the good old days. Besides, it was so much fun to break the monotony of Kaku’s character and try my hand at something so new. I loved my whole new get up and the memories it brought with it. All in all, an exceptionally fun shoot”

It won’t be wrong to say that the process of relationships has undergone a sea change. Things that were difficult to achieve in a relationship or took time back then, happen very early now. However, while the process has changed, the essence of a relationship remains the same. It’s ironic to see how different the changes are and yet how similar. Goes without saying that the upcoming track of Indiawaali Maa will be a treat to watch for the fans of Indiawaali Maa.

The episode will throw a light on Hasmukh and Kaku’s early days of love and will force the audience to ponder upon how times have changed when it comes to romance and relationships.

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