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Sucheta Khanna Gets Candid, Spills About How To Ace Comedy

Ace and well renowned TV actress Sucheta Khanna in her recent interview gets candid and spills beans on how to ace comedy genre also mentioning timing and expression are important.

In her recent interview, versatile and nuanced TV actress Sucheta Khanna gets candid, spills about how to ace comedy.

Spilling beans about the main things important for acing comedy, Sucheta Khanna gets candid, spills about how to ace comedy.

Sharing more details on same and much more, in latest interview conversation, Sucheta Khanna gets candid, spills about how to ace comedy.

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Sucheta Khanna is happy that there’s much interest around the recreated version of the popular show Jijaji Chhat Par Hai that has been titled Jijaji Chhat Parr Koii Hai airing on Sab TV.

She plays the role of a mother, Bijli Devi, in the show produced by Sanjay Kohli and Binaiferr Kohli. While there’s an added pressure of expectation given the last show was a hit, the actor says that she just wants to go give her best and leave the rest to the audience and about same she said, “Jijaji Chhat Parr Hai season one was hit and the pressure would naturally there. But Whether I should take it or not depends on me and I choose to not think about it but concentrate on the job at hand. Jijaji Chhat Parr Koii Hai is a completely new show and the story is interesting and different. I want to make this journey special for the audience much like the first one”.

Sharing details on why making audiences laugh is not an easy task, Sucheta said, “Timing is extremely important, you also need to get the right expression, be at the right place, even writing, direction, editing everything must be perfect, at sync. Comedy is not a one-person thing and if it is situational comedy then teamwork is required otherwise it is like a stand-up act. But both options are equally difficult. As an actor needs to be spontaneous and enjoy the jokes himself/herself or else the performance might fall flat”.

All praises for the production house as well, Sucheta shares, “Edit II productions is one of the finest production houses that I have worked within so many years. I have worked with them before so I can vouch for it. They are very particular about actors, they make sure they are happy, comfortable and create a healthy environment for all. This production house run behind good actors and are not partial. Binaiferr ma’am is someone who doesn’t like to let go of people and is always standing up for her artists. The team working for this production house is strong and efficient. Our director Shashank Bali is a wonderful person to work with. He is open to actors’ improvisation and prefers teamwork”.

While shooting in the new normal is different but Khanna is enjoying every bit of the experience. This is her second show after the industry resumed work when the lockdown restrictions got lifted and on this point, she said, “Unlike earlier time now every sneeze scares us. The moment anyone sneezes she/he gets nasty looks from everyone. Well, we follow all precautions and are very careful about the way we function. I just hope people understand the efforts we are putting and enjoy watching Jijaji Chhat Parr Koii Hai every day at 10 pm on Sony SAB”.

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