Stars Spill Mixed Opinions On Ongoing Whatsapp Privacy Policy Row

WhatsApp is the most used messaging application in today's time. However, their recent privacy policy update received a lot of backlash from its users. Though the messaging app has delayed the privacy update from 8th February to 15th May 2021, but the app is facing the wrath and ire of youth and netizens who have started switching to other apps like Signal and Telegram as of now. On this same raging controversy, stars spill mixed opinions on whatsapp privacy policy row.

The most loved globally loved messaging and video calling app Whatsapp now owned by Facebook, got a new security update recently which kind of forced users to accept it else their whatsapp account would be deleted by them. It hampered user’s privacy and wanted to share more than necessary private data of users including their mobile numbers, chats, account details, pictures and what not. This made all users angry with rage who started switching to Signal after Elon Musk’s tweet that said use Signal which then became a huge controversy in our country. In a recent interview for the same, stars spill mixed opinions on whatsapp privacy policy row.

Explaining their reasons for switching from Whatsapp to other better alternative apps now, stars spill mixed opinions on whatsapp privacy policy row.

In a recent exclusive tete a tete conversational interview,  stars spill mixed opinions on whatsapp privacy policy row.

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WhatsApp is the most used messaging application in today’s time. However, their recent privacy policy update received a lot of backlash from its users. Though the messaging app has delayed the privacy update from February 8 to May 15, a lot of users have already started switching over to other applications that provide much security. Here’s what a few celebs feel about the new policy.

TV Actress Aanushka Ramesh says, “WhatsApp is indeed updating their policy, however from whatever information I have gathered, the personal chats which are with family and friends will continue to remain secure as they are protected by end-to-end encryption. Neither will the locations shared on private chats be seen or disclosed, and personal calls will also be secure. The new policy is applicable only while interacting with business accounts for them to manage and promote their businesses better. So I will continue to use WhatsApp as most of the communication around the world happens on WhatsApp. Also, I would urge people to get their facts right from Google or legit news channels and not spread misinformation as that would cause unnecessary panic”.

TV actor Taher Ali Baig says, “A public figure is always in the open, it is almost impossible to have privacy. However, data privacy is a very critical subject. Someone like Elon Musk who I look up to recommended Signal which is why I have decided to move to Signal”.

Film maker Nitin Kumar Gupta says, “I have given up on any privacy in the digital world. My whole life, from credit card details and purchases to minute by minute location on Google map, to personal photos that get automatically backed up, every email conversation and web searches I’ve made in my lifetime are all at the mercy of any hacker who may break into any Microsoft or Google or Yahoo server or if any government decides to acquire such data anytime. This is the new world we live in and I agree to their whims and let the future take its course. So WhatsApp will continue for me.”

TV actor Mohit Daga says, “Technology has its pros and cons. I think there shouldn’t be any problem with anyone’s privacy but if we stay a little aware and if we use technology as per requirement then no one can create complications in our privacy. The kinds of information which has been circulating regarding WhatsApp and if there is any truth in that, then it is a serious issue and I feel the authorities of India should get involved because no one is given the right to interfere in anyone’s privacy and no one should be given that freedom. And if not then an alternative solution to everything nowadays is to switch. WhatsApp runs for us and according to us, we shouldn’t be running according to WhatsApp”.

TV actor Sudhanshu Pandey said, “I have been hearing a lot about the changes in the privacy policy in WhatsApp and I believe it is creating a lot of scare amongst people in terms of whether they will get exposed or something private will get leaked. I don’t pay attention to all of this because for me WhatsApp is only a mode of communication. I don’t do any business sort of things on WhatsApp and I am not too much of a phone person so I think I don’t need to worry about it because WhatsApp will have basic minimum communication intact and that’s all I care for. That should be good enough for me so I am not worrying”.

TV actress Pranitaa Pandit says, “I feel we are already traced and tracked. Even if you Google something like a product or something, it will keep popping up again and again. I am going to continue my normal life and I am going to use WhatsApp the way I have been using it till now. I have accepted this already because there is no point in overthinking as it’s not just WhatsApp but the whole social media platform is involved. It is a scary place to be in because somewhere you are being watched and your privacy is no more private but that’s the way it is now”.

TV actor Nishant Singh Malkani says, “I have been hearing and reading about the changes to be made by WhatsApp and I believe that WhatsApp is known as one of the best platforms to share any data and it will remain private and no one will have the right to listen to anyone, but if that is going to be missing then I don’t see any point of using it anymore. I have been seeing a lot many people getting diverted to apps like Telegrams and Signal as they guarantee privacy. Seeing the current trend in the world WhatsApp has delayed its privacy update for more than a month now but I feel that’s not the solution, rather they should guarantee their customers and clients that whatever data, images, chats they are sharing are going to be safe is the better option I feel”.

TV producer Nivedita Basu says, “I have read about the privacy policy which WhatsApp is activating and there will be more people who will be severely affected by it but I don’t have so much to fear about using WhatsApp so I am going to continue using it. If there is an app to which my friends switch to I will want to use it too. As far as privacy is concerned I feel the privacy of two people talking or sharing any kind of data should be secured which is the whole point of this app coming out. But when it comes to technology, anyway nothing is private anymore, someone is always watching your content at some point, somewhere. And for a person like me who speaks less, WhatsApp is very necessary for our day to day lives as it helps to communicate with people very easily be it professional or personal”.