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Sshrey Pareek: Negative Roles Are More Tempting Than Positive Parts

Sshrey Pareek, who is set to play a negative role in the ongoing popular show Qurbaan Hua, says negative roles are more tempting than the positive parts in his new interview.

In a recent interview, TV actor Sshrey Pareek says negative roles are more tempting than positive parts.

Opening up on it in details during his conversational chat interview, hunk TV actor Sshrey Pareek says negative roles are more tempting than positive parts.

Sharing his take on why negative roles are more challenging and performance oriented than positive parts, TV actor Sshrey Pareek says negative roles are more tempting than positive parts.

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This hunk TV actor is all set to surprise the audiences and fans with his strong performance in a negative character on Zee TV’s hit show Qurbaan Hua (2020 – present) and also shared some details about his character and much more in his latest tete a tete conversational interview.

The actor is all charged up for the show because as a performer as it pushes him to give his best and on this point, he says, “I think negative roles have no limitations, no bars to follow. While with positive roles, you have to draw a line”.

He further shares that his character has a lot of scope to perform. Talking about his role, the actor says, “I’m playing a grey character and I am from the girl’s side. The story is about religion and its consequences. So I have come to take revenge from the boy for what has happened before and will try to make her sister fall for me and take revenge through her. I was brought up in Chahat’s family (Pratibha Ranta) and had a special connection with her and this will affect the boy’s family in many ways as they belong to Hindu religion.

Sshrey says to join an ongoing show halfway is challenging and he does feel there is a lot of responsibility on him and explaining same, he said, “When you enter midway there is a lot of responsibility on you to make the show better. All the actors on the show are already established and for me it’s hard to make a mark in between. But the best part is I already have worked with the producers before on ‘Devanshi’ so I know the team”.

The actor says shooting in the new normal world, amid the coronavirus pandemic scare has been a different experience and also went on to add, “Today a lot of safety measures are in place to prevent the curb of COVID-19 on sets. One major difference I find is earlier all the teams would sit together and talk, discuss but that is missing now. That warmth is still kind of missing. I hope everything gets normal soon.

Sshrey seems thrilled with the kind of roles he is receiving. Having acted in shows like Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (YRKKH, Star Plus), he says if not an actor he would have been a dancer.

He had dreamt of becoming a choreographer and arrived in the city of dreams, Mumbai to follow his passion for dance and went on to work with national award-winning choreographer Shiamak Davar for many years. However, Sshrey is presently happy to be in front of the camera entertaining the audience.

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