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Srishty Rode Roots For Her Three Friends In Bigg Boss Season 14

TV actor Srishty Rode roots for her three friends in Bigg Boss season 14.

This is a happy and thrilling time for the stunning TV actor who has also been a BB 12 contestant as Srishty Rode roots for her three friends in Bigg Boss season 14.

Its a good feeling as well for the pretty TV actor’s fans in India and across the globe that their favourite golden eyed girl Srishty Rode roots for her three friends in Bigg Boss season 14.

She is known for her roles in popular TV shows like Punarvivah (Zee TV), Ishqbaaz (Star Plus) and many more. Its surely a good moment for her as being bestfriends of all the three actors, Srishty Rode roots for her three friends in BB season 14.

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Its a very exciting time now as the much awaited Bigg Boss 14 has started airing on Colors TV but in a late night slot and not the prime time one because as everyone knows the show is said to be very controversial in nature which has always been the format of the show since day one along with the fact that we get to see the real life behaviour and actual nature of the TV actors who are there in the house as contestants and housemates with each other.

To make this upcoming season of Bigg Boss 14 on Colors TV more exciting and hot, the makers are leaving no stones unturned to up the entertainment quotient this time as well.

Bigg Boss 14 has been in the limelight since its inception and after its airing on Colors TV, we can say one thing for sure its a hell lot of entertainment, masala, controversies, new friendships, new enmities being formed, old friendships being rekindled, new love triangles and angles being created since the first day itself in the show.

In case of the TV actors coming in the house as contestants. It has been grabbing the attention and eyeballs for all the spicy and right reasons this time around.

She spoke about the same in a recent interview with a popular digital entertainment website where she said that she is rooting for her three friends Rubina Dilaik, Abhinav Shukla and Eijaz Khan in this season.

When she was asked whether the controversial format of the show is hindering the sanctity of our Indian culture, she was quick to reply, “Not at all. If you think this, then don’t watch it. You always have an option of not watching something if you think it is not right for yourself or your family. Nobody is asking you to watch it on gunpoint. For me, Bigg Boss is really entertaining”.

When she was asked about her take on this season’s contestants in the show, she said, “All the contestants seem to be quite interesting this time, and I am excited about three of my friends inside the Bigg Boss house”.

While furthermore, she also added, “Rubina is gradually coming out as a strong contestant. Although I felt bad when Abhinav and Rubina were separated. But it is good for both of them as now people would want to see them together rather than separately. I feel that now they will come back stronger together”.

Within the same interview the actor also spoke in detail about the fact that how during a task that was assigned by the Toofani Seniors in the house to the contestants, they told Rubina to stay in same pair of clothes for an entire week and she slammed it by saying its unhygienic and not reasonable at all.

She praised and appreciated her close friend Eijaz’s behaviour in the house by saying, “Eijaz has a lovely personality, opposite of what people say about him. And I want everyone to witness that side of his personality”.

She also gave her take on Nikki Tamboli by saying that, “She is entertaining. But there is a thin line between entertaining and irritating, and right now she is everywhere.”

However Srishty on a parting note also added that currently it is just a start and also it’s too early to judge anyone in the inception week of the show itself.

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