Monday, September 28, 2020

    Splitsvilla X2 Fame Loka Gets Into An Online War With Ashish Bhatia And Miesha Iyer


    The last season of MTV Splitsvilla became one of the successful season in years. The contestants grabbed eyeballs for their active participation on every task. However, the show even had its share of controversies as many contestants had a extreme fights with each other. Even though the season was ended last year the rivalry among some contestants is still not over. Recently, one of the contestant named Loka has made some shocking statements on Ashish Bhatia and Miesha Iyer along with their fans, he even called the show a scam. He called Ashish and Miesha fans fake which didn’t go well down with them as they started abusing loka, even Miesha and Ashish lashed out on Loka for doing such controversy to grt5 media attention. Ashish and Miesha took to their social media and expressed their thoughts on the statements that Loka made against them and their fans.

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