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Soundarya Sharma Has High Octane HIIT Training For Her Chase Sequences In Country Mafia

She is acing it in the "Bigg Boss" house currently and we can't get enough of her be it "Country Mafia" or "Bigg Boss".

Soundarya Sharma loves to train, which is no secret but she imbibed a new sort of training for the action sequences in the “Country Mafia”. She had a lot of chase sequences and she needed to be very raw. She did a lot of HIIT and endurance training for that, which is surely seen on the screen. Soundarya is someone who is high in preparation. She prepares extensively for her parts and she is faring well with that. She always has a method to the madness and we love it. She is acing it in the “Bigg Boss” house currently and we can’t get enough of her be it “Country Mafia” or “Bigg Boss”. The fans adore her and so does the critic and that’s a rare combination. We had the chance to catch up with her before she went to the “Bigg Boss” house and here is what she says about her HIIT training.

She says, “I generally do a lot of functional training and steady cardio. I love HIIT workouts, but they are not something I do every day. There were a lot of chase sequences and we had to shoot in the heat. So I had to be prepared with a lot of endurance. We were also shooting for long hours where the training came in very handy. I hired a coach and did a lot of strength and endurance-based training. A major part of it was to do with HIIT training. I would be left gasping for breath initially but it got better and better. There is never a day that I get the time and don’t train and a bit of change from the general was great. I enjoyed it and I could see the results while we shot.”

That’s well said and well done. She is an inspiration. She wants to touch the sky but has her feet firmly planted on the ground and we love that about our favorite dimple girl, Soundarya Sharma.

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