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Actress Sonya Saamoor On Her New Show ‘Sirf Tum’

Actress Sonya Saamoor talks about her new show 'Sirf Tum', her Character Riya and how much she relates to her character.

Actress Sonya Saamoor has been seen in shows like “Nazar”, “Kasauti Zindagi Kay”, “Shakti”, and is now seen in “Sirf Tum”. Talking about her character in ‘Sirf Tum’ and how much she relates to her, Sonya says,” I am playing the character of Riya. She is a super glamorous and popular girl at the college. When I dress up as Riya I feel very different- I talk like her, I walk differently, so it’s a fun process. I am a very different person in real life and I don’t like wearing makeup every day but Riya loves dolling up. So, I absolutely love playing Riya.”

Sharing about how she got the show, Sonya says, “I turned down a lot of shows because I couldn’t relate to the character or sometimes I didn’t like the script. But when I got a call for Sirf Tum, and I heard the story and I knew that this was it!!!!”

Lastly, she says,” So far everyone has absolutely loved Riya and I hope people keep showering their love and affection for my character and the show “Sirf tum.”

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