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Sonam Arora Talks About Her Role As Angel In Shakti-Astitva Ke Ehsaas Kii

Popular show Shakti- Astitva Ke Ehsaas Kii has ruled the hearts of its audience for the past 4 years. It currently highlights the journey of a transgender Heer played by Jigyasa Singh who struggles to find love and acceptance within her own family. In the recent episode, Heer gets married to the love of her life Virat played by Simba Nagpal after facing a lot of hurdles. As Virat gets to know about Heer’s reality, it takes some time for him to accept her as who she is and their love for each other finally triumphs!

After crossing one milestone it’s was time that Heer starts to adjust in Virat’s family and make them accept her as their daughter-in-law. Virat’s family is currently aware about Heer’s reality and to add more drama to her life, a new character called Angel will be entering their household disguised as a house help. Angel is a kinner who used to work with Maharani, she was the one who abducted Saumya and tried to sell her off in Bangkok. As Maharani failed in her intentions, Angel has come to take revenge and she also plans to reveal some secrets to Heer’s family.

Talking about her role as Angel in Shakti-Astitva Ke Ehsaas Kii, an excited Sonam Arora said, “For an actor, nothing can be more motivating than getting an opportunity to play characters with different shades as it helps to hone our acting skills. I am really excited to play a negative trans woman because it gives me an opportunity to understand their behaviour and mannerisms. I did a lot of research on the subject before I decided to take this character and I also ensured I observe their behaviour to be well prepared. I just pray to the almighty that everything goes well and everyone loves my character.”

Will Angel succeed in her motives? Will Heer find out her own Astitva ka sach?

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