Slamming Kangana Kavita Says Kaunse Zamaane Ki Baat Ho Rahi Hai

The stunning and versatile TV starlet best known for not mincing her words in her recent tweet slamming Kangana, Kavita says Kaunse zamaane ki baat ho rahi hai.

Yesterday we all saw how the controversy’s favorite child Kangana Ranaut’s twitter account got permanently suspended post her repeated violations of twitter’s community guidelines in lieu of ‘repeated violations of Twitter rules specifically our Hateful Conduct policy and Abusive Behaviour policy’ and post this the netizens and fans rejoicing in happiness indulged in a social media meme fest and now joining this bandwagon is the versatile Indian TV star Kavita Kaushik wherein on an interesting note, slamming Kangana Kavita says kaunse zamaane ki baat ho rahi hai.  

Best loved by her fans in India as Chandramukhi Chautala from the hit and classic indian TV comedy serial F.I.R. (Sab TV), immediately taking to her official twitter handle giving her honest reaction of slamming Kangana Kavita says kaunse zamaane ki baat ho rahi hai.

Known for being bold and upfront about many social issues through her social media posts and never one to sugar coat anything, slamming Kangana Kavita says kaunse zamaane ki baat ho rahi hai.

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After her twitter account got suspended for targeting and criticizing West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee for the violence which took place on 2nd may post the West Bengal elections in the state and also comparing her to a monster which didn’t settle well and was slammed by microblogging platform her account got permanently suspended. Kangana also went ahead and issued a statement a few hours later in which she stated that Twitter has proven clearly how whit people feel need to enslave the brown people and now the Bigg Boss 14 fame TV actress Kavita Kaushik has finally reacted to the comment.

A leading indian digital wire agency has quoted Kangana saying, “Twitter has only proved my point they’re Americans & by birth, a white person feels entitled to enslave a brown person, they want to tell you what to think, speak or do. I have many platforms I can use to raise my voice, including my own art in the form of cinema”.

TV star Kavita Kaushik has given her honest reaction to this and also questioned that which era is Kangana living in and also talking about as now clearly the times have changed drastically since foreigners are now seen dancing in the background in Bollywood films.

Hitting back at Kangana Kavita tweeted, “Kaun se zamaane ki baat ho rahi hai bhai ? Aaj kal toh bechaare foreigners humaari filmo mei background dancers bann ke nach rahe hai, with due respect to the west”.

Source: Kavita Kaushik twitter. She directly called out and slammed Kangana for her last tweet on the now suspended account.

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