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Bigg Boss: Simba Nagpal Wins The Audience’s Heart With His Calmness

Actor Simba Nagpal wins the audience's appreciation with his calm and composed nature in Bigg Boss house.

Actor Simba Nagpal who’s known for his hit television show, Shakti, is currently locked up in the “Bigg Boss 15” house. The actor who’s known for his calm and composed personality is winning hearts by just ‘being himself’. In a show which is known for high-intensity drama and controversies, the actor has been seen at his very best even in chaotic situations.

In the recent episode of Weekend Ka Vaar, the actor was lauded for his non-aggressive and calm nature. Talking about Simba’s performance on the show, host Salman Khan, said “Simba’s fan following has sky-rocketed since the time he made his way into the Bigg Boss house, all because of his personality. It’s not necessary to be aggressive, cuss or fight in order to gain footage. Simba doesn’t even have enemies in the house”

He further added, “Simba has managed to make some strong relations in the house and that’s why became a valuable member in the Bigg Boss house”. In the same episode, the handsome actor even read out poetry written by him in the Bigg Boss house.
He recited, “Shorgul duniya, gumnaam aawaaz,
gunjegi jo waadiyo me, uski dahaad
Dil me jo hai baat kaid, maun hai aaj
Niklenge nakaab, bigdenge haalaath,
hoga parda faash, jab hoga paar bardaash ka inteha”

The talented actor was also found singing and humming in the Bigg Boss house, and on multiple occasions also holding fun acting workshops with co-contestants. Well, it certainly looks like Simba is setting new standards for the Bigg Boss contestants by winning hearts with his positive and humble self.

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