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Shweta Tiwari Feels Shooting For Guneet And Amber’s Roka Ceremony Was A Sweet Moment

While Varun Badola and Shweta Tiwari who are seen as Amber and Guneet in Mere Dad Ki Dulhan, their love story saw many twists and turns, the audience loved their chalk and chemistry.

Now that the two are deeply in love and making their relationship official, #Amneet is gearing up to get hitched. Amber’s daughter Niya Sharma, who took her dad Amber’s rishta to Guneet has been successful in getting blessings from Guneet’s mother Pammi for Amber and Guneet’s wedding.

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Now, Guneet and Amber are officially getting engaged in a Roka ceremony. The much-in-love couple are happy to make their bond official to the world.

Shweta says, “I’m so happy for Guneet that she found someone who she really loves.  Guneet and Amber are making their relationship official. Also, it’s sweet of Pammiji to have allowed her daughter to make the right choice for herself and to have accepted Amber as her son-in-law. Shooting for the Roka ceremony was a sweet moment. It’s certainly one of the most beautiful moments in the show.”

Previously, speaking about the blossoming love affair between Amber and Guneet, Varun shared, “Love is a powerful emotion and clandestine affairs have proved to be the greatest love stories of all times from time immemorial. Also, as the euphoria is so high that the feeling of excitement is almost more contagious than the love affair itself. The initial excitement is the most amusing part of any relationship. These secret dates only make the love story memorable.”

Varun further shared, “Guneet and Amber have started spending more time with each other and are getting to know each other better once again, albeit this time in person. What started as a liaison on a dating app, now there are developing a better understanding and trust among each other? It will be interesting for the viewers to witness that on screen.”

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan: Shweta Tiwari Feels Roka Was A Sweet Memory
Varun Badola and Shweta Tiwari in Mere Dad Ki Dulhan

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan is currently the most popular fiction show on the small screen. The show highlights the progressive thought that love can be found at a later stage in life and that children can be the matchmakers for their single parents, too.

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