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Shweta Spills On Her Kids In This Mess Due To Her Wrong Decisions

In recent interview with a leading digital entertainment portal off late now, Shweta spills all about her kids in this mess due to her wrong decisions with two failed marriages from both Raja and Abhinav.

The ace and stunning TV star Shweta Tiwari’s personal life has always kept her in the limelight. She has had two broken marriages wherein one was with ex-husband Raja Chaudhary to whom she got married at age of 19 and then got divorced back in 2007 after Shweta accused him of domestic violence. In her recent interview, Shweta spills on her kids in this mess due to her wrong decisions.

Shweta and Raja are parents to the soon to be debutant Bollywood actress Palak Tiwari. Next one is same series is with now ex-husband Abhinav Kohli. She had married Abhinav 8 years back in 2013 and both of them have a son named Reyansh but now they have also separated from each other. In her latest conversational interview off late, Shweta spills on her kids in this mess due to her wrong decisions.

In her recently exclusive interview with a leading digital entertainment portal, speaking in details about her broken marriages and its impact on her kids, Shweta spills on her kids in this mess due to her wrong decisions.

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In this interview, she spoke about how either of her kids don’t confess or show their sad emotions in front of her and also told about her wondering how they both stay so happy with this much drama happening around them and mulling that her kids are trying to hide their feelings from her, Shweta said, “(Palak) saw me getting beaten up, she saw women coming. She has seen everything when she was just 6 years old and I had decided to take this step. Palak has seen all that trauma, police coming to the house, her mom going to the police. My son, he is just 4 years old and he knows about police, judges and it is not just because of me”.

She also confessing about not understanding how to save Palak and Reyansh from further pain and this situation said that only way for her to get them out of this mess is to be with them and also got to the police and court.

She also explained further about how her kids are in this mess because of her since she chose the wrong men and it was her fault, and not theirs to go through it all with a smile on their faces.

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