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Shweta Reveals Footage Of Abhinav Snatching Reyansh From Her

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan (Sony TV, 2019 - 2020) fame Indian TV star Shweta Tiwari finally reveals footage of Abhinav snatching their son Reyansh from her on her insta handle.

TV star Shweta Tiwari was accused of abandoning her estranged ex-husband Abhinav Kohli and son Reyansh before jetting off to Capetown for Colors TV’s popular TV reality show, Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 and now in a surprising twist, Shweta reveals footage of Abhinav snatching Reyansh from her.

Taking to her official social media handle, Mere Dad Ki Dulhan (Sony TV, 2019 – 2020) fame TV star Shweta reveals footage of Abhinav snatching Reyansh from her.

Opening up about her ex-husband’s physical abuse with their son, Shweta reveals footage of Abhinav snatching Reyansh from her.

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Shweta Tiwari is currently in Capetown shooting for KKK 11, but before her heading off to South Africa, her estranged husband Abhinav Kohli placed severe allegations on her of abandoning and leaving behind their son Reyansh and going off to shoot and this turned more intense when on social media he even shared a series of videos wherein he could be seen searching for his son in hotels of Mumbai.

But now breaking her silence and mum on all these accusations, even Shweta has ended up sharing many videos which also includes an unseen CCTV footage wherein we can see how Abhinav was trying to snatch Reyansh from her arms and Shweta is seen down in building carrying Reyansh in her arms.

It also seemed like both of them had an ugly argument and spat followed by exchanging few unpleasant words and moments later we see him trying to aggressively snatch Reyansh from Shweta’s arms where Shweta is seen on the ground trying to resist and stop him but it didn’t work out as Kohli took Reyansh in his arms.

In the next video, we can see Palak who captured the moment on video was trying to calm and pacify a scared Reyansh who is seen hiding under a blanket and then Palak’s camera pans out on Shweta and Abhinav’s argument and then we also heard how Shweta told Palak to call police in video and whilst sharing the video post on her insta handle, Shweta puts a note saying that the video is going to be deleted later but not before sharing the real story and truth with her fans and followers.

Captioning the video and clearly revealing about how their son Reyansh is really scared of his father Abhinav, Shweta wrote, “Now let the truth Come out!!!! (But this is not going to stay forever on my account, I will eventually delete it, I am posting this right now to reveal the truth, then it goes off) This is why my Child is scared of him!  After this incident my child was scared for more than a month, he was so scared that he would not even sleep properly at Night!”.

Furthermore, she also continued and said, “His hand hurt for more than 2 weeks. Even now he is scared of his papa coming home or meeting him. I can’t let my Child go Through this mental trauma.. I try my best to keep him calm and happy! But this Horrible Man makes sure my baby’s mental health goes back to Square one! If this is not Physical abuse then what is!!!!?? It is the CCTV footage of my society”.

Source: Celeb Diary 1 Instagram. This page reposted the video from Shweta’s instagram handle.

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