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Shruti Sharma On Prithvi Manthan, India’s First UN Song, Crossed Over A Million Views!

Recently, veteran singer, Susmita Das, along with her husband, Siddhanta Das, an Indian Forest Service officer, has released a song called Prithvi Manthan. The song which went onto become the first song in India backed by the United Nations body has gained a lot of attention from the masses, and also celebrities.
Talking about Prithvi Manthan which is backed by Auromira Entertainment, Shruti says, “I think the song is really amazing and It will leave an impact on people and people will surely make people realize that what they have been doing and in what ways they have been harming the climate”
Shruti, who’s also a part of the campaign #EachDayEnvironmentDay initiated by Auromira Entertainment, says “Conserving the environment is the duty of every human being. And we just need to be responsible towards nature and be conscious! We can always find a dustbin even if it is a bit far away from us, the reason why I am saying this is because by taking these small steps we can make a big change. All we can do is if every individual makes sure that he/she uses dustbin to litter the waste and plant more trees. We already facing a lot of problems like the current pandemic, because we all know that the virus is also caused by human error so let’s do something good for the future generation”.
Prithvi Manthan released last weekend and has crossed over a million views. The song was made to create awareness about climate change.

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