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Shruti Sharma: Dancing Helped Me In Becoming An Actress

Winning the love and accolades of audiences and fans for her strong performance as ChamCham and Kahaani in ace TV producer Gul Khan's Namak Issk Ka airing on Colors TV, ace TV actress Shruti Sharma gets candid in the latest interview with us about how the show happened, ChamCham, Kahaani and lots more.

Winning the hearts of audiences and fans with her brilliant performance as dancer ChamCham / Kahaani in ace producer Gul Khan’s uniquely quirky yet interesting serial Namak Issk Ka airing on Colors TV that has been rocking in the TRP charts since its inception last year, the budding and rising telly actress Shruti Sharma says, dancing helped me in becoming an actress.

Spilling more about her love for dancing, her character ChamCham and much more, in her recent exclusive interview with us, Shruti Sharma says dancing helped me in becoming an actress.

In her candid conversational chat interview with us off late, Shruti Sharma says dancing helped me in becoming an actress.

In her exclusive tete a tete with us, Shruti Sharma says dancing helped me in becoming an actress.

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When asked that out of all mediums being Tollywood, Bollywood and TV in which she has worked so far, which one was most challenging for her, on this Shruti said, “I feel that Tollywood is more challenging because the region and language is different”.

When quizzed on her reaction to social media fans shipping Yug (Aditya Ojha) and Kahaani (Shruti) on instagram as #Yuhaani as they are loving Yug and Kahaani’s takraar and nok jhok so much, Shruti says, “I think it’s really sweet that fans name two actors together. They like our jodi and acting along with connecting with us so for me #Yuhaani is really special and I am really overwhelmed by my fans since they are loving Yug and Kahaani”.

Explaining in detail about how her character Kahaani from Namak Issk Ka is more relatable to Shruti in real life off stage, Shruti told, “I think off stage Kahaani is more relatable to Shruti. When I was in India’s next superstar, people used to ask me that ‘Wo jo stage ke neeche ladki bethi hoti, wo itni dari sehmi kyu hoti hai, itni seedhi kyu hai, jab stage pe aati hai, alag hi avatar kaise ho jata hai’. So yes it is relatable to me as Shruti as same thing happens in the show. Like Kahaani off the stage is a very ordinary girl who is simple. She shows a multitude of emotions right from being frightened to becoming confident to also being bold. When she is on stage, she is ChamCham. She is a different personality altogether. You just can’t take your eyes off from her. She is talented and also hot on the stage. Somewhere I think that is Shruti as when I am off screen, I am a normal ordinary person and when I am on camera, I am a different personality altogether. So yes it is relatable”.

Further also elucidating on how Dancing has always been her first love, Shruti said, “I think dancing has always been my first love as it is through dancing that I came into acting, somewhere I feel. I started dancing from my childhood, right when I was 3 and half years old wherein my mother told me this story. I used to love watching songs and love dancing a lot. So dancing is the source from where I adopted acting”.

Elucidating on the question about how did Kahaani being a performance oriented role happen to her, Shruti asserted, “Kahaani is a performance oriented role which is the reason that I said yes because at the same point I have to play a dancer and also a normal ordinary girl. Creating that difference and variation on screen was quite challenging. I love dancing and that is the reason I said yes”.

Also sharing her take on now being a new era of content backed strong films, Shruti elucidated, “I think yes. After a really long time, our films and cinema is focusing more on strong and realistic content which is really nice because in these type of movies you get a chance to perform and act more along with also getting to learn a lot with the directors, cast and crew. Yes, this is an amazing time that our movies are coming in”.

Spilling about her entire journey till now, Shruti opening up on it said, “It’s really difficult to describe my journey till now in a single sentence. All I can say is, ‘Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost’. But, somewhere I really feel blessed and overwhelmed that I came, I struggled, I got some work, appreciation along with little fame. So I am really blessed to be here and would also love working to reach my goal. I just enjoy acting and would love being part of this industry forever”.

When questioned about out of all the characters that she’s played so far which one was challenging for her, Shruti answered, “Out of all the characters I’ve played so far, the most difficult and challenging one has to be in India’s Next Superstars, when I played Smita Patil’s character from Arth movie in front of Mahesh Bhatt sir with him only. That was the most difficult character for me to absorb and perform which went quite well but I think that path breaking career best performance character still has to come”.

Spilling beans about how Namak Issk Ka happened to her, Shruti says, “I think that after Nazar went off air, I got this call from Four Lions Films wherein Dipti mam called me. Everybody called me and they discussed with me the content of the show. I was really excited about it because there is ChamCham and dancing. I sent my self-test and signed that soft copy of the contract and got selected. Then Jadu happened and so I got confused as to what is happening as I had already signed one thing and am doing another thing. They were like Jadu will end since it’s a finite series and then we would start with this Colors show as there is still some time for Colors. So I was doing Jaduu, during Jaduu itself we did all the look tests and mock shoots. Then Jadu ended and Namak Issk Ka started”.

Sharing about her favorite series she binge watched during quarantine last year, Shruti said, “F.R.I.E.N.D.S. helped me a lot during quarantine. It’s always there on my list. Whenever I am tired, cranky or moody I watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I enjoyed watching Emily In Paris as well. I watched a lot of horror and thriller movies during quarantine so I can’t pick my top four since I am an avid movies and series fan”.

When asked about her upcoming Bollywood debut film Pagglait, Shruti quipped, “I am really excited for Pagglait since this is going to be my first hindi Bollywood movie. I don’t know from where and how I got this call for auditioning from Casting bay and I was not in a good mood as maybe I was not getting any off during Gathbandhan that is why I was being cranky. Then I was like okay as somewhere I didn’t believe that I would get this role. I just went there, performed and gave my audition. Luckily, the mood of the character and the mood I was in they both matched. It went well. Umesh sir liked it. He also told me later that he was impressed with my big eyes so he was like she would be able to emote well through her eyes. The character’s need was to have a person or an actor who would be able to emote well through her eyes which is how I passed the criteria and got selected”.

Shruti concluded the interview by telling, “The most important factor of this project is that it’s a performance oriented character with a strong storyline along with being a realistic movie. The story directly comes from home. Everybody could relate with it. The content of the script and my character belongs to Lucknow which is my native place. These were the reasons which made me excited and say yes to this film project”.

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