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Saturday, June 12, 2021
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Shivankar Talks About His Upcoming Short Film One Night Stand

DOP turned writer / director and now owner of Youtube channel Content Ka Keeda along with sister Shipra Arora, Shivankar Arora talks about his upcoming short film One Night Stand.


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This subject of one night stands is pretty much common nowadays which has been explored by many authors and film makers in different ways. But this upcoming short film based on the same subject promises to be different and intriguing which is what is special about it. During recent interview, writer – director Shivankar talks about his upcoming short film One Night Stand.

Touting that this short film on same subject is completely out of the box and also stands apart from the rest, Director Shivankar talks about his upcoming short film One Night Stand.

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While there are many films that have been made on the subject, writer-director Shivankar Arora promises that his short film One Night Stand stands apart from the rest. The film will be premiering on his YouTube channel Content Ka Keeda, which he co-owns with his sister Shipra Arora.

During the interview whilst talking about the film, he said, “It seems like a super cute love story in the beginning. But there is a twist in the end. I am very excited to see the reaction. The idea came from Shipra. I was writing a love-at-first-sight-story but then it felt like that’s too done and dusted so we added few twists in the film to make it more catchy”.

He also explained that how the title actually gives out very little of what the film actually is all about. Elucidating on the same, Shivankar asserted, “As the title suggests, it is a story about a couple who have a one night stand. But what happens in that one night is something the audience wouldn’t forget. I cannot disclose a lot about the film but I can tell you, the twists will surprise the audience”.

The film stars ace and stunning Indian TV actress Gustakh Dil (Life OK) fame Sana Amin Sheikh as the lead protagonist. When asked about the idea and thought of casting her, Shivankar quipped, “The casting has been done by Shipra. It was her decision to take her for the role and Sana nailed the character. Sana and I, know each other from Pratigya days and she has acted in one episode of our show Dating Siyaapaa. Working with her is always wonderful”. Besides Sana, the film also stars Sushant Mohindru who was last seen in Naamkaran (Star Plus).

When asked that is shooting intimate scenes always challenging, on this he says, “I feel more than a director, it’s actors who are under pressure when they are shooting bold scenes. As a director, my job is to make sure that they are comfortable while doing these scenes. One has to know when to say cut. A second later and it could be too close and a second earlier it could look like it’s fake”.

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