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Shehnaaz Not Ready To Resume Work Or Mingle Post Sidharth’s Death

Devastated and still deeply in grief whilst mourning the death of her most important person, recent news reports reveal that Shehnaaz isn't ready to resume work and mingle post Sidharth's demise.

Post the unexpected and heartbreaking demise of late 40 years old versatile star Sidharth Shukla on 2nd September (Thursday) after succumbing to cardiac arrest, recent news reports say that Shehnaaz not ready to resume work or mingle post Sidharth’s death.

Still feeling totally devastated and heartbroken by experiencing the unexpected demise of late 40 years old versatile TV star, bollywood actor and also digital star, latest reports reveal that his ladylove Shehnaaz not ready to resume work or mingle post Sidharth’s death.

This unexpected demise of the late Bigg Boss 13 winner has left everyone shocked particularly his lady love Shehnaaz Gill and also recent news report by a leading digital netertainment portal reveal that Shehnaaz not ready to resume work or mingle post Sidharth’s death.

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This is true and real that post the irreparable loss of late star Sidharth, Shehnaaz is really going through a very hard time at present. Recently, the producer of her upcoming film, Honsla Rakh, Diljit Thind revealed that the actress was to shoot a song for her film with Diljit Dosanjh but things changed after Sidharth Shukla’s death and its true that recently she was not in a position to attend the shoot and the song remains pending.

In the news report, the producer also added that they would wait patiently till the time she fully recovers and a new report by a leading digital entertainment portal says that it would take some more time for her to recover and get back to track and it also clearly mentioned that how Shehnaaz is not yet ready to face the camera. She is not in a state to resume work or mingle with people.

The report also revealed about how she has only been keeping to herself mostly during this mourning period and her and Sidharth’s family are by her side. Apart from her family and close pals, Shehnaaz and Sidharth’s fans along with the SidNaaz fandom on social media are also sending prayers and words of comfort to her on Twitter and instagram.

Recently when BB14 fame Pavitra Punia who shared a great bonding with the late star was questioned about Shehnaaz at this recent event, she said, “I have not spoken to Shehnaaz because I think she needs to stay in peace. I don’t think she would be in a state to reply to anyone. I would just pray that Shehnaaz gets back on her feet because I’m sure Sidharth must be watching her from somewhere and wishing that she gets back to normal life as soon as possible. And we are also waiting to see that”.

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