Monday, September 28, 2020

    Shehnaaz Gill Claims She’s No More Punjab Ki Katrina


    Shehnaaz Gill’s popularity went sky high post her stint in the Bigg Boss house. The Punjabi singer took the right decision to participate in the show. Her cute and silly moments with Sidharth Shukla made the more exciting to watch. Before she entered the show many didn’t know that she’s known as Punjab Ki Katrina, even Salman was surprised to know this. Now Punjabi singer claims she’s no longer Punjab ki Katrina, during the recent Instagram live, Shahnaaz made this huge revelation and says she’s now India ki Shenaaz Gill, She could be heard saying, “Punjab dikh gaya. Ab Punjab Ki Katrina Kaif thi na main. Now, I am India Ki Shehnaaz Gill toh India Ki Shehnaaz Gill matlab India ki, not Punjab ki.” Later she herself asserts that it’s just a joke as she’s still Punjab ki Katrina, but we all know how much she’s obsessed with herself and now she’s adamant on getting an identity of her own.

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