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Karanvir Sharma: Shaurya And Anokhi Are Well Etched Characters

In his latest conversational and candid interview with us, the heartthrob hunk and nuanced film / TV star Karanvir Sharma says Shaurya and Anokhi are well etched characters.

Currently seen as the dapper and enigmatic professor Shaurya Sabherwal in Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani (SAAKK, Star Plus, 2020 – present), this heartthrob bollywood star and nuanced TV actor on the block has been winning hearts of fans and audiences with remarkable performance in the hit serial and in his recent exclusive interview with us, Karanvir Sharma says Shaurya and Anokhi are well etched characters.

In his latest exclusive conversational interview with us, opening up more on what makes their show so relatable and relevant to audiences and fans, Karanvir Sharma says Shaurya and Anokhi are well etched characters.

Getting candid and open with us on the journey of his character, the show’s success and much more, Karanvir Sharma says Shaurya and Anokhi are well etched characters.

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Opening up on his reaction about audiences loving chemistry of Shaurya and Anokhi on social media and the show’s rising reach coupled with growing popularity even in rural parts of our country, Karanvir said, “I am sure there might be audience not on social media who might be liking it because Shaurya and Anokhi are such well etched characters and so relatable that I think the likeability happens because of their relatability and that’s what makes it really special since when you put in an effort. It’s like seeing your baby grow. You always feel proud of your child when the child does well so it’s the same feeling so it really touches your heart and we thank our audience every single day”.

Opening up on much loved wedding track between Shaurya and Anokhi in the show and his take on it, he said, “Those days of shooting that track were so challenging as I had just recovered from COVID-19. My co-actor was really very supportive and it was so challenging that we had to just give it our best because we knew that was highlight of their story’s beginning so we wanted to give it our all and the appreciation we got for it was a roller coaster. We wanted to be authentic and also used to discuss on how better, real and intense we can do it. We knew that whatever we were doing had to be as real and at same time as a performance it was so layered. I mean there are two ideologies where it can relate to a lot of people and it generally happens in our culture and otherwise too but primarily in Indian shows. In Indian culture what happens is that when you have two different ideologies one is very orthodox one which is taught for centuries which is of Shaurya’s mentality and second is of today’s woman and generation having real thoughts of equality, justice, education, women empowerment, right thing to do and so on so its so beautifully etched out and at same time a marriage like no other. So it’s really beautiful”.

Speaking about how content of TV is getting stronger and diverse, Karanvir shared, “Yes, absolutely. I think audience is really diverse and have always been very intelligent and also now have gotten their own voice as there are mediums where they can voice it out like we need to understand that audience is so smart that if we are not going in right direction, they will make you go in right direction by treating, emailing, by sending in a comment and there is so much of an approach nowadays with audiences so we definitely need to do something out of the box otherwise no one’s going to be watching and I’d never want to watch any other TV show and I really watch just a few which have been path breaking and you have to do something so that people remember you and I am glad that we are not trying to make that main motive but we are trying atleast be authentic and real so that people know that there was a show which tried to attempt doing something ground breaking”.

Opening up on exciting twist and turns in forthcoming episodes of show, Karanvir said, “Yes there are going to be many twists and turns in the show, in both Shaurya Anokhi’s love story and also very challenging sequences as performers”.

Opening up on how much happy and blessed he is to receive fans love for #Shakhi each day on social media along with a heartfelt message for fans, Karanvir said, “We love you for creating a world for us. We can’t thank you enough”.

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