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Shark tank’s Namita Thapar Gets Trolled For Making Stories About Her House Help

Namita Thapar plays the victim of her housemaid to spoil her public image. Viewers say her its not her expertise.

Shark tank has become a famous weekday show for audiences to watch at home. Entrepreneurs and Sharks have pitched their businesses and made their dreams come true.

Shark tank India investor and founder of Emcure Pharmaceuticals Namita Thapar, became a trolling subject when her Instagram was changed to “Shy mother, shier wife recently. A photo of her has also been uploaded from her Instagram profile with the caption, “This is the son of Namita. I just want the world to know that the person you see on TV is not who you think they are. Stop following her asap possible. He will explain why in due course.”

Well, Namita responded to the post saying her “educated” domestic worker stole her phone and wrote a hate mail. She tweeted, “That’s what hate does to this world, it makes people toxic. A polite domestic help, deleted, stole my phone and posted a hateful post about me on social media. The price of being a public figure! Sorry!

Viewers have reacted to her tweet, someone wrote, “If was posted by her maid, why is she apologizing? And more importantly who is she apologizing to? Other Person said: “Password bhi educated houe help me break kar diye hoge Others commented, “Great!! Blame it on poor domestic help… I know it’s hard to Accept that your son was telling the truth.”

Another user replied, “I don’t think it is done by any house help… no one will believe this script.” The Twitter user commented, “That educated house help knew the password to your phone…lmao good try, better luck next time.” The other wrote, “If you’d have said your account was hacked, it would have been more believable.”

Then one said, “Maybe it Ur son who has posted… why do u blame house help.” Another Twitter user wrote, “since making stories is not your expertise, you should have been out and let your social media manager come up with a better excuse.”

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