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Shark Tank Judge Vineeta Pitches For Young Startup SoupX

Soupx founders make it to Vineeta's heart and get the deal sealed.

Shark tank 2 has already become a trending stuff on social media. Giving a platform for budding businesses has already initiated Make in India process for making a name without the push and pull to dollars. The Sharks are already impressed with innovative ideas that are pitched by contestants.

One such startup is SoupX. The co-founder of SoupX Uttam Kumar and Priyank Jain pitch their soup brand for the healthier living people are looking for after the pandemic hit them. At first, all the sharks are convinced that it could a good bet to put on. While tasting Aman walks out as he did not like his soup, Namrita thought it is too sweet, and Vineeta and Peyush like it.

They offered a wide variety of soups, salads, sandwiches, and sides along with the soup and pitched 50 lakhs for a good amount of equity. While cross questioning Anupam came out to know that these young people have little knowledge about the product which led him back out. They convinced Vineeta to pitch as they will leave the job and fully invest their time and energy into it as they are part-time working for funds.

The pitchers try to avoid the question by saying they showed him the same thing moments ago. Of his insensitive response stunned, Anupam Mittal replies: “Arre bhai nutritional value bataiye. Kyu baat se bhaag rahe hai hai (Why are you running away from the question)?”

Moreover, he tells them, “You can’t be in the healthcare business without knowing the basics,” adding that invest in owners want people who know their business inside and out.

Vineeta melted by their offer to invest and gave them an offer for 20% equity and a debt of 12%, they counter-offered her 18% equity and the deal is sealed with 50 lakhs. Vineeta also said that they were eager to make things work and please really made her feel that they have potential. Even Shark Peyush says that as an entrepreneur they were desperate to make things work out and help was asked even though many would hesitate to ask.

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