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Shark Tank India Embraces Enthusiastic Young Entrepreneurs With A Vision To Transform Future

From e-cycle to safe fire extinguisher, shark tank India supports young business ideas for a better future.

With every passing day, Shark Tank India sees young and experienced entrepreneurs pitch the sharks for investment within reasonable equity for expanding the business in various areas and making their name in the world.

Two young entrepreneurs with a vision to sell electric bicycles and tricycles across the nation and overseas. One of the co-founders shared his story of opening a coffee shop when he was in his engineering days and later selling it to the campus with 75000. Later he founded another small company and sold it to an American start-up with 1 crore and now with this cycle business he wants his firm to reach out in the world. At first, numbers were not seemingly going well with the Sharks but Peyush and Aman offered them with certain conditions.

Another small snack business PatilKaaki entered shark tank to pitch for a 4 crore evaluation with a 2% equity in their business. The college and school dropouts who helped a simple housewife to start this business in snacks 2016 and now with high demands growing it to the pan nation, impressed sharks. They were offered by Anupam, Aman, and Peyush, and later the deal was closed with Peyush’s deal.

A startup company that pitched for fire extinguishers that can help people extinguish a fire before it’s too late offered the sharks 5% equity. Sharks could not find any vision in the business but Namrita offered 70 laks with 10% equity but the distribution was 35 lakhs money and 35 lakhs as debt with 12% interest.

In every episode, sharks are amazed to see young people who are still small with a vision of changing the world with innovative ideas.

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