Shark Tank 2: Young Minds Get An Opportunity

Shark tank India produced a platform for young people to make their name in the market.

In yesterday’s episode, many entrepreneurs came up with an idea to make businesses and pitch from sharks. From food to teenage earning(Young Minds) and learning everything is here on shark tank.

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Where’s The Food!- WTF

An enthusiastic entrepreneur came up with his brand that can be used and ordered without any extra dishes. The sauce is the hero product. He has opened lots of kitchens and restaurants and has made a good profit out of it. He pitched for a certain equity. The sharks tasted his food and liked the taste. the sharks liked his enthusiasm but this later became a little annoying. He was advised to be a little calm and best of luck in business. Unfortunately, he could not raise a fund.


A family came to shark tank India with their app Funngro. They pitched that young teens have the enthusiasm to do something on their own. So this app will help them to understand that skill and what they wish to do in the future for young minds. This app will not only help students but also college graduates. The sharks liked the pitch and offered them a deal.

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Two entrepreneurs came to shark tank India branding camel milk and goat milk. They pitched that it has more nutritional benefits than normal cow or buffalo milk. They also produced chocolates and powdered milk. Amit Jain offered them a deal at debt and the deal was done.