Shark Tank 2: Smile And Vision Can Both Be Bright

Vision and Smile; entrepreneurs bring both to shark tank 2 to make your two precious things as beautiful as they can be.

Today on Shark Tank India smiling, slumber party, and best vision care you can get; not only made a profitable business but also did something special for people and loved ones.

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Oral hygiene and a white shiny smile are all a person sees when people meet. For this two young entrepreneurs came to shark tank with their brand Perfora. They brought up a significant fact that three basic chemicals used in toothpaste are very harmful. So they made these toothbrushes, toothpaste, and mouthwash that will not only make your teeth strong and shiny but also are chemical-free. Vineeta and Peyush offered them a deal and they happily accepted.

Mightnight Angels

Two sisters came to shark tank India with their brand Mightnight angels by PC. They shared a very heart-touching story that their father’s business came to an end due to GST and almost went bankrupt. So overnight these sisters came up with a brand and started receiving orders and slowly they build this brand. the sharks liked their products but didn’t find enough to invest in them. Peyush offered them a deal but they didn’t accept.

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Cure SeeVision Cure

Three entrepreneurs also optometrists came to shark tank with their idea to clear the visions of people who also have glasses. They provided effective measures that can help people improve as well as cure squinted vision. they displayed a set of games that one has to identify with and a normal video game kind of way they can help the person to improve his eye sight. Peyush and Namita offered them a deal but they took Peyush’s deal as the area of expertise is similar to theirs.

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