Shark Tank 2: Now Pets Will Have Their Own Flavors Of Ice-Cream!!

Now pets will have their very own ice cream ranges that are easily made without much effort and tasty for them.

Shark Tank 2 gave many businesses a genuine platform to raise their businesses and make a mark in the market; one such is a pet ice cream. This week four entrepreneurs came to the shark tank with their business pitches and got their deal from their favorite sharks.

Healthy Master

Two mother entrepreneurs came to shark tank with their product Healthy Master. Usually, kids want to eat something junk, and adults need something which is healthy. So to fulfill both needs they invented this snack product that caters to all age groups’ needs. They asked for 50 lakhs for 2% equity. Vineeta offered them a deal of 6.5% of the equity in exchange for the same amount they asked and they sealed the deal.

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London Bubble Co.

About 126 outlet and franchises of London Bubble Co was closed in the lockdown and they came up with their idea of ready-to-make pancakes and waffles that are loved by any age group and a is a good substitute for breakfast and snacks. Aman and Vineeta questioned them on the health factor which made them a little hesitant but Namita advised them to focus on taste and rest joy is also important. She offered them a deal of 75 lakhs in exchange for 15% which was a little higher valuation than they asked but they accepted the deal.

Waggy ZonePet Ice Cream

A young entrepreneur came to shark tank with a product that is good for pets and a dessert range for pets which is a pet ice cream. She said that sometimes pet lovers find it hard when their pet asks for something sweet but they can’t give it. So this product will fulfill their requirement is absolutely healthy. Sharks like her product but due to the market size being small, none of the sharks invested in her brand.

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