Shark Tank 2: Gladful Will Bring Joy To Kids And A Tension-Free Lunch Packed By Moms

Moms regret when they don't have something healthy to pack for their kid's lunch because of time.

Moms are often worried about their kid’s lunch and pack something quick and easy like chips, cookies, etc and later they regret that they don’t have something healthy to pack because of time. Medicines are also something that is required to be taken in time and are daily requirements for old age people. Sometimes it can also lead to an overdose that will become a hazard to health. All these problems can now easily be taken care of by Gladful and Pharmallama.


A couple came to shark tank India with their idea of healthy protein snacks and cookies that will not only help kids to get the right amount of protein requirement but also snack munchies for kids which is Gladful. This is absolutely healthy and moms now don’t have to worry about their health. They sell cookies, cheela, and many other things that will give the adequate protein needed by a kid. Their ask was for 50 lakhs for 2%. Aman Gupta, Amit Jain, and Namita Thapar offer them a deal for the same amount of 3.5% and they accept their offer.

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Pharma Llama

Three entrepreneurs came to shark tank with their pitch of 1 crore for 1.5% of equity. They have introduced a personalized way of packaging medicines in the right dosage and time to be taken. This will help old age people or any other person who is on medication to take medicines only when it is prescribed and in the correct dosage. This way of packaging medicine is already working in overseas countries like USA etc, but this is the first time this is brought to India. The sharks were impressed by their innovation and they got a 5-shark deal for 2 crores for a 5% share and they accepted it.

Crave Food Kings

Two entrepreneurs came to shark tank hailing from Kolkata. They presented their brand Crave Food Kings which consisted of sandwiches, pizza burritos, etc. They asked for a certain amount of equity in their company. The sharks liked their pitch but Aman felt that they are not passionate about their product and needs to focus more on it. Unfortunately, they could not pace a deal with them.

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