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Sharad Malhotra: Veeranshu Has Given Me Push In My Little Journey

Best known for brilliant performances with his characters like Rishi in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki (Colors TV, 2016) and Raunak in Muskaan (Star Bharat, 2018) dapper and suave exemplary TV superstar Sharad Malhotra during his recent interview says, Veeranshu has given me push in my little journey.

Best known for his dapper and hunk looks along with his versatility to play out of the box characters with ease, Today he is also one of our Indian television industry’s heart throb whose ever increasing fan following on social media platforms is proof of the fact that his fans and netizens are loving his on screen chemistry with Surbhi in Ekta Kapoor’s hit Indian mythological weekly show Naagin 5 (Colors TV, 2020) and also loving his character Veeranshu as well. During a recent interview, Sharad Malhotra says, Veeranshu has given me push in my little journey.

Sharad is currently loving all the praises and accolades coming his way as an actor for his brilliant portrayal of the multi layered character Veeranshu in Naagin 5 and reveling in the unconditional fan love and appreciation that he receives each day on social media platforms especially Instagram the actor is grateful for his fans love where in during his recent interview, Sharad Malhotra says, Veeranshu has given me push in my little journey.

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Who would have thought that the charming, boy-next-door Sharad Malhotra would kill it when it came to playing a baddie in Naagin 5, but he did and fans went crazy over his badass avatar. The actor accepted that he was a little unsure about doing it initially, but the kind of response he got from the audience gave him confidence.

Explaining the same, Sharad said, “Veeranshu Singhania has given me that push in my little journey. So you need projects, some pinpoints in life that give you that push, so you can probably go a couple of extra miles. Veeranshu Singhania has done that, and next, I am looking forward to something very drastic in the near future”.

The Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki (Colors TV, 2016) and Muskaan (Star Bharat, 2018) fame stellar actor shared that he is overwhelmed with the kind of response he has got for Veeranshu, and he is looking forward to playing something different in his future projects too.

Further more he also added, “When you know that the positive was great, and the people have accepted the negative also. They have seen the Veeranshu Singhania, they have seen the whistling, the raising of the eyebrows, and the mannerism and body language, the contact lens, the grungy and beard look, so people have accepted all of that and I am going to be extremely grateful for that but then now I have this tiny little question mark that has popped up in the last couple of days that ‘what next?’ So this is now ticked off the list, so what next? There is this little bubble that is growing in my head that Veeranshu Singhania is great but what do we do next. As an actor, you start to think”.

During the end of the interview, when asked what kind of roles would he like to do in the future, on this Sharad signed off by telling, “It needs to get me out of my comfort zone, like Veeranshu Singhania. I stepped out, and I tried to push the envelope basically in a little more aggressive manner. I have tried to do something that people have not seen me doing. I think once you step out of your comfort zone, people start seeing you in a different light”.

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