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Sharad Malhotra: Both Surbhi And My Energy Matches Somewhere

Best known for brilliant performances with his characters like Rishi in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki (Colors TV, 2016) and Raunak in Muskaan (Star Bharat, 2018) dapper and exemplary TV superstar Sharad Malhotra during his recent interview speaking about #VaNi chemistry and fandom on social media says, both Surbhi and my energies match somewhere.

Currently winning the heart of audiences and his fans as the multi shaded bad boy / Ichchadhari cheel Veer on Ekta Kapoor’s much loved mythological weekly show Naagin 5 on Colors TV, during his recent interview when asked about his and Surbhi’s sizzling onscreen chemistry, Sharad Malhotra says, both Surbhi and my energy matches somewhere.

Explaining in detail about the fans love and accolades along with his honest reaction to the social media trends for #VaNi on Twitter and instagram, Whilst his very recent interview, ace TV superstar Sharad Malhotra says, both Surbhi and my energy matches somewhere.

Seeing the irrevocable and unconditional love of fans on Twitter and Instagram where they ship and keep trending #VaNi, during his very recent interview, Sharad Malhotra says, both Surbhi and my energy matches somewhere.

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Who would have thought that the pairing of a bad boy and a good girl will create so much buzz on social media? But well, it did. Sharad Malhotra and Surbhi Chandna’s on-screen chemistry in the supernatural thriller “Naagin 5” as Ichchadhari cheel Veer (Veeranshu) and shape shifting serpent Naagin Bani is much appreciated by the audience, and their fans even coined the name #VaNi for them, from their character names Veer and Bani along with shipping them as their most favorite onscreen couple. Even the actor is in awe of his co-star’s performance and shared that their energies match somewhere.

Talking about their chemistry, Sharad said, “We are looking at something lethal, we are looking at a bad boy and a good girl, that’s the sort of combination I want to see on-screen. A good girl, who is a little vulnerable, who is a little naive, and you have a guy who is all spiced up and he is wicked. It’s a beautiful amalgamation of a bad boy and a good girl, and this is what people want to see, and luckily that’s what they got to see”.

Praising his co star Surbhi, Sharad further also said, “Honestly, it’s been so effortless with Surbhi. Sometimes when we are performing our scenes they are so beautifully written that when you are performing, as an actor also, you start feeling it, and it just flows. Luckily, somewhere both Surbhi and my energies are matching. Your co-actor needs to be comfortable in your zone and vice versa. So, somewhere we both have that understanding, and that telepathy, which has worked till now and I am hoping it gets better with every scene”.

The “Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki” actor recently recovered from COVID and resumed the shoot of Ekta Kapoor’s popular franchise. He plays the role of Veer Singhania, the reincarnation of Cheel, in the show.  This is the first time that he is playing a negative character on-screen and shared that though he was apprehensive about accepting this role, he looked at it as a good opportunity. He also thanked Ekta for envisioning him as a bad boy on-screen.

He elucidated on the same by telling, “I was nervous about taking up this character, as I have never played a negative character on-screen. This being the first, I had apprehensions, but at the same time, I felt it’s an opportunity where it does well or it does bad, there won’t be anything in between. People have seen me play a good guy, the very adarsh sanskaari beta, the warrior, the romantic guy, but I was taken by surprise when Ekta ma’am offered me this role, and hats off to her vision.

Furthermore, he also added this bit and signed off by saying, “I could never see myself playing the quintessential bad boy on-screen. But he is not a bad boy, he is not black or white, he is grey. That’s where I get to play around a lot. So, I get to have my nuances, body language, voice modulation, and all of that can be twisted but not in a dark way. He is basically from a family of evil people, while he is not that evil. Somewhere he has that streak of niceness in him, and I guess that’s what makes him more interesting and exciting”.

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