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Sharad Gets Candid, Says Right Now I Want To Feel Good About Life

The dapper and hunk TV superstar who is ruling hearts of audiences and fans from past so many years on ITV, Sharad gets candid, says right now I want to feel good about life.

Currently winning the hearts of his fans and audiences with his ace performance as Cheel Veeranshu aka ‘Veer’ in Ekta Kapoor’s hit Indian TV mythological show Naagin 5 that airs on weekends on Colors TV, Sharad’s getting lauded and praised by the critics and fans for his performance in the show. The suave and heart throb hunk of Telly land, Sharad gets candid, says right now I want to feel good about life.

Right from the start of Naagin 5, fans have showered immense love and accolades to both Sharad and Surbhi’s on screen chemistry and off screen camaraderie as Ichchadhari Cheel Veer and shape shifting serpent Naagin Baani especially on social media platforms where their fans ship them as their only beloved OTP #VaNi and their social media interactions in comments on each other’s pictures are also termed as aww and adorable by fans. During one of his very recent interviews, Sharad gets candid, says right now I want to feel good about life.

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The coronavirus outbreak spoilt all our 2020 plans. We were neither prepared nor expected something like this to happen this year. But with all that’s happening and all that we have been through, actor Sharad Malhotra feels we need to show gratitude for what we have.

Explaining the same, he said, “The vulnerability is very high right now. People are in a very aggressive state, a very depressed state, there is a lot of angst, fear, so it’s all of this. I don’t see joy, and I don’t see smiles, but I feel that we really need to be thankful for what we have today. It’s important to show some kind of gratitude”.

Sharad also told in detail about now how he has stopped talking to other people where throwing more light on same, he said, “I have stopped talking to people who I know will not leave me in a happy state after hanging up. So either when you talk to me and make me feel good about life, because right now I want to feel good about life. I already know the depressing stuff, so there’s nothing more than you can talk about. So I want people to talk about the good stuff, give me a happier and brighter side of life”.

Sharad towards the end of the interview also added this bit and concluded by telling, “I am really thankful to my staff, because they were always there for me and my work. I have always valued them, but now I value them more, because being at home and doing all that they do, I know how important they are and I will most certainly never take them for granted”.

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