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Sharad Gets Candid, Says For Me Its All About Gratitude

Best known for brilliant performances with his characters like Rishi in Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki (Colors TV, 2016) and Raunak in Muskaan (Star Bharat, 2018) dapper and suave exemplary TV superstar Sharad Malhotra during his recent interview says, "For Me Its All About Gratitude".

Best known for his dapper and hunk looks along with his versatility to play out of the box characters with ease, Today he is also one of our Indian television industry’s heart throb whose ever increasing fan following on social media platforms is proof of the fact that his fans and netizens are loving his on screen chemistry with Surbhi in Ekta Kapoor’s hit Indian mythological weekly show Naagin 5 (Colors TV, 2020) and also loving his character Veeranshu as well. During a recent interview, Sharad gets candid, says for me its all about gratitude.

Sharad is currently loving all the praises and accolades coming his way as an actor for his brilliant portrayal of the multi layered character Veeranshu in Naagin 5 and reveling in the unconditional fan love and appreciation that he receives each day on social media platforms especially Instagram the actor is grateful for his fans love where in during his recent interview, Sharad gets candid, says for me its all about gratitude.

Currently one of the hunk heartthrob TV superstars whose charming smile and killer acting chops have made his fans go aww and ga ga on his multi layered character of Ichchadhari cheel Veeranshu Singhania essayed by Sharad with perfection in Naagin 5, during a very latest interview, Sharad gets candid, says for me its all about gratitude.

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Sharad Malhotra surprised everyone with his portrayal of the evil “cheel” Veeranshu Singhania in supernatural thriller Naagin 5. The actor has always expressed his gratitude to his fans for their love and support, and though he mentioned that money is important, he shared that he doesn’t give much value to it.

Throwing more light on same, he said, “For me, it’s all about gratitude, the power of gratitude is what I truly believe in and I keep talking about it. The moolah is important for all of us for a living but I have never given that importance to the commercial part of it. For me, it’s always been the creative part which has pushed me, dragged me and inspired me. So when I find something creative, I might do it for free also, and I have done it also”.

Furthermore, he also added, “But it’s such a competitive world right now that you have to be at your best all the time and thankfully, the kind of characters that I have got in the past or the present have given me the push”.

Sharad hopes for a good for 2021 for everyone and said, “I am very positive that this year is going to be the best, because the past year has taught us a lot. You have to fight through the worst days to earn your best, and the best days are ahead for all of us”.

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