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Shalin Helps Kamathipura Sex Workers Badly Hit By Pandemic

Currently revelling in love and accolades with his strong performance in his digital OTT debut with Inspector Avinash, Shalin helps Kamathipura sex workers badly hit by pandemic.

The deadly COVID-19 global wide pandemic which hit us last year in March 2020 and is going on even now has totally changed and permanently altered lives of many people in many ways and not just one wherein with millions of lives still being lost world wide even now, countless number of people have become job less now and whilst there’s no end to this catastrophic disease as of now with a third wave also being predicted by WHO, TV actor Shalin helps Kamathipura sex workers badly hit by pandemic.

The iconic TV star who has given his fans and audiences several remarkable performances on TV screens from past so many years, usually likes keeping his social work really low key, this time around was spotted wherein Shalin helps Kamathipura sex workers badly hit by pandemic.

The actor who is recently in news for his stellar performance with his big OTT debut in Inspector Avinash was lately spotted visiting the biggest red light area in the city wherein Shalin helps Kamathipura sex workers badly hit by pandemic.

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Instead of just sending help, TV star Shalin Bhanot made sure that he would visit Kamathipura by himself which is Mumbai’s largest red light area that is home to around 1300 plus sex workers who have been affected and hit badly by the pandemic where we saw how the actor provided ration along with basic necessities like soaps and masks to over 100 families.

In his latest interview with a leading digital entertainment portal, an upset and distraught Shalin talking about this, shared, “It came as a shock to me that women had no food to put on the table for their families in that area and they had to resort to soliciting their bodies for as low as Rs. 50. Most of them don’t have basic essentials like a mask or sanitation products. People are generous & across India, various funds have been raised towards the poor and oppressed but unfortunately during these tough times most of us really haven’t thought of how the sex workers must be surviving amidst strict lockdowns”.

He also adds, “A social worker reached out, he wanted to bring to light the horrifying living conditions of the sex workers in the area and to bring it to the attention of the privileged communities to come forward and help. I was quite shaken after my visit and I hope that many more come in to help them”.

Sharing both the videos of same on his insta account, Shalin wrote a long heartfelt note as a caption which read, “I suddenly fell desolate & bereft as my car made way into the tiny lanes of Mumbai’s damned Kamathipura. During the second lockdown, I felt restless & wanted to put my able self to greater good. There is no dearth of generosity & humanity in this era we all call Kalyug. There are civilians moving mountains & helping the needy. Also emerged a massiah in @sonu_sood bhaiya who inspired us to walk the less traveled path. I did my research & learnt how our red light area wasn’t fortunate enough to get anyone’s attention. I got through one social worker from the area. When he mentioned women solicit themselves for as low as Rs. 50. I was numb. I wanted to get people together, raise funds for them but they always say, lead by example. So I did whatever little I could. Learnt about their immediate needs & tried to help about a 100 families. When I was just about to take leave, some women ran up to me, their eyes moist, they tied their dupatta for a mask, they joined hands & I haven’t felt this hopeless in the longest time. I’ll try my best but I also need you guys to come forward & help me. I’m genuinely looking for suggestions. Can we try to save our women?”.

Source: Shalin Bhanot Instagram. He posted these videos a few hours back which have really made us see reality of the sex workers in Kamathipura who have suffered from pandemic badly.

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