Sapan Verma and Why you should watch him LIVE

Here we will tell you about some of Sapan Verma’s stand-ups and here which will make you go watch him live.

Sapan Verma is a young Indian Comedian whose comic timing and wit have made us all his fans he likes to be innovative with his content and his unique matter is lovely. He is one of the co-founders of the comedy group East Indian Comedy (EIC). Sapan has the ability to laugh rolling on the floor and make all your tiredness vanish in a few moments.

Here are 2 of Sapan’s most amazing standup that will make you laugh your heart out and you will really be excited to watch him LIVE in action.

Sapan Verma and the Coolest Uber Driver.

In this video Sapan shares his experience about his encounter with an Uber driver, Sapan finds this driver to be the coolest one. Sapan uploaded this video on his group YouTube channel EIC, 2 years ago and this video has over 1.4 million views.

Sapan Verma on Indian Families

In this video, Sapan shares all these childhood experiences being born in an Indian Family with two elder brothers and how his family followed all the stereotypical rules of being a middle-class Indian Family. This video was uploaded on the same channel around 2-3 years ago with close to million views. 

Along with his stand-ups, he also portrays his comic timings through some of his tweets. For example, once he tweeted: ‘Half the year is over and I haven’t achieved a thing, Lol buddy half my life is overdoing nothing.’

The perfect comic timing and amazing sense of humor is the reason you should go and watch Sapan Verma LIVE.