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When Contestant Sanchit Chanana Performs, Super Dancer Turns Into A Magic Show, Says Shilpa Shetty Kundra

This weekend, Super Dancer Chapter 4 has upped the ante by throwing a challenge for the Contestants and Super Gurus. The theme for this weekend’s episodes is ‘Adla Badli Special’. Simply put, the current Guru-Shishya jodis will be inter-changed and the contestants will be paired with different gurus.

Super talented contestant Sanchit Chanana who always impresses the judges with his extraordinary moves and superlative popping week after week, outperformed himself yet again with super guru Aryan.

Geeta Kapur was at a loss of words after seeing their performance and could not contain her amazement. Shilpa was left pleasantly surprised and gave the duo the Seedhi Ovation.

She also said, “When Sanchit performs, Super Dancer turns into a magic show.”

Even Anurag Basu found their act “Top Class” and said that Sanchit and Aryan took the Adla Badli Challenge to the next level. Since Anurag Basu was unable to justify his appreciation with words, he acknowledged their act by breaking the mug because for him action speaks louder than words.

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