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Sana Khan OPENS UP On Melvin Louis’ Nasty Game

Sana Khan spills the beans on her relationship with Melvin Louis and all the incidents that followed to their breakup. Read below.

Sana Khan and Melvin Louis were one of the adorable couples of the television industry. Their bonding with each other gave everyone major couple goals but their break-up sent a wave of shock to their fans.

A couple of days ago Sana Khan openly confessed about parting ways with Melvin Louis and she said that the reason for their break-up was that Melvin was cheating on her.

Meanwhile, in a recent interview, Sana Khan candidly reflected on her relationship with Melvin Louis and all the red-flags she ignored for the sake of love. Sana says that Melvin would come to her sets and ask her not to do intimate steps with her co-stars. She further added that he would blackmail her saying that his mom would not like if she gets all comfy on TV with someone else and play all “sanskari”, while he himself would perform cozy dance moves with some other girls.

When Sana would question Melvin about him getting cozy with some other girl he would brush her off by saying that he is a sole bread-earner of his family and he has to do all of it if the work demands.

Sana also mentioned that Melvin never allowed her to meet anyone alone.

Sana Khan went on to make many shocking revelations about Melvin molesting a 15-year old girl and she feels that she was blind throughout the relationship and would not see the red-flags all along the way.

Sana said that Melvin would brainwash her into believing many things and now she has realized how easily she fell into the toxic mess.

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