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Same Sex-Marriage Scene Removed From Ekta Kapoor’s His Story

Latest update of the day here is that in Ekta Kapoor's much awaited digital webseries His Story which revolves around gay relationship, the same sex-marriage scene has been removed.

The noted film producer / TV and OTT czarina Ekta Kapoor’s much awaited digital webseries titled His Story which is streaming on Alt Balaji app, had been in a lot of controversies lately when the makers of critically acclaimed film Loev slammed Alt Balaji for illegally plagiarising their film’s original motion poster and then Ekta Kapoor had given an public apology and also taken down the posters from all social media platforms and now a latest twist in tale is that same sex-marriage scene removed from Ekta Kapoor’s His Story.

This is indeed a shocking update of the day wherein the same sex-marriage scene removed from Ekta Kapoor’s His Story.

After facing ire and wrath of netizens and social media users on all platforms, in order to avoid any more controversies surrounding her webseries which has been in buzz ever since its announcement itself since it is going to be exploring the same male centric sexual love story after the hugely successful female centric same gender love story titled The Married Woman (2021), she has taken this decision wherein same sex-marriage scene removed from Ekta Kapoor’s His Story.

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As per the storyline of the series, the gay couple in the new series His Story played by Satyadeep Misra and Mrinal Dutt were supposed to get married to each other at the end of Season 1 which has been streaming from this week itself on the Alt Balaji app and now the latest new development in same is that the same sex marriage scene removed from Ekta Kapoor’s His Story. This decision has been taken by the producers as both Alt Balaji and Ding got cold feet about showing same sex marriage.

One of the actors in series during a recent interview byte with a veteran and renowned journalist was quoted saying, “Considering the way things are at the moment in our country, I am relieved that marriage didn’t actually happen. The plan was to end season 1 with a Big Fat wedding showing Kunal (Satyadeep Mishra) and Preet (Mrinal Dutt) tying the  knot. But I think the producers chickened out, at least for this season”.

Furthermore the actor also shared, “Apparently the marriage may happen in Season 2, provided the atmosphere that prevails in the country, dims down. Otherwise Season 2 may not happen at all”.

His Story is the tale that revolves around the coming out of Kunal (Satyadeep Mishra) who has been happily married to Sakshi (Priyamani) for over two decades (20 years) now when he all of a sudden comes out as gay after meeting a food blogger named Preet (Mrinal Dutt).

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