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Salman Schools Rakhi For Her Behaviour Towards Abhinav In BB14

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan in the recent episode of Weekend Ka Vaar on Bigg Boss 14, schooled Rakhi Sawant for her irrational behaviour where she crossed a line with Abhinav Shukla the entire week and also chided her for doing uncomfortable things with people who don't like it.

During the recent Weekend Ka Vaar episode of popular TV reality show Bigg Boss 14 on Colors TV, Host Salman schools Rakhi for her behaviour towards Abhinav in BB14.

Getting angry on her irrational behaviour with Abhinav Shukla that crossed a line, in the latest episode of the reality show, Salman schools Rakhi for her behaviour towards Abhinav in BB14.

In his angry and furious avatar, Bollywood superstar and host Salman schools Rakhi for her behaviour towards Abhinav in BB14.

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In this latest episode, Salman schooled and got BB14 challenger contestant Rakhi Sawant in line and gave her a reality check wherein he straightaway called out her irrational behaviour with Abhinav Shukla that he even witnessed in the entire week. Rakhi’s behaviour with Abhinav after confessing her liking for him within the entire week had irked Rubina and didn’t really settle down well with host Salman Khan as well wherein in this latest episode Salman also chided her for crossing the limits this time around.

It so happened that Salman told Rakhi of how she has crossed all her limits this time around. He also patiently tried resolving all the conflicts and differences between Rubina Dilaik, Abhinav Shukla and Rakhi Sawant also claiming about how Rakhi’s antics in entire week, right from pulling Abhinav’s pant’s string to writing down his name on her body wherein she apparently also expressed her love for Abhinav Shukla were purely for fun and entertainment purposes only.

During this episode, Rakhi tried to justify and explain her action of pulling his pants string only because of her liking for him and later after also listening to this explanation of Rakhi, Salman just asked her to keep quiet. He also pointed out the facts about how she doesn’t have control and a filter on whatever she says. Salman also clearly told Rakhi for respecting Abhinav’s limits and also told her of not trying to cross them ever again. He said that, “He is your friend. You should know your limit of joking with someone”.

Later, Salman also said it out loud and clear to Rakhi for not trying to incite anyone or do anything which is disliked and uncomfortable with the other person in front of her along with telling her to put entire focus on her game along with growing more better as a person in her life from now onwards.

Meanwhile, also trying to calmly explain entire situation to Abhinav, Salman said that he has benefitted most from Rakhi’s antics and shenanigans in the entire week. Highlighting this, Salman said, “Aapke reactions pe maza aa raha h logo ko you started looking endearing and a much cooler guy right now”. He also mentioned about how Abhinav doesn’t need to simply over react as the audiences loved watching his reactions.

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