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Salman Khan SCREAMS at Sidharth Shukla in new Bigg Boss 13 PROMO!

Salman Khan in today's Weekend Ka Vaar episode will be seen giving Sidharth Shukla a taste of his own medicine by talking to him aggressively, in the same manner as he talks to the other Bigg Boss contestants.

Bigg Boss 13 who is doing extremely well on the TRP charts, so much so that makers of the show will reportedly be extending the show by five weeks and going by these reports, the finale of the show will take place in February 2020. Every Saturday and Sunday Salman Khan graces our screens as he is seen talking to the gharwale and in the upcoming episode,  today’s Weekend Ka Waar, Salman will be seen talking to Sidharth Shukla just the way he speaks to other contestants in the house, in an aggressive manner.

In the recent promo, Salman Khan will give Siddharth Shukla a taste of his own medicine, to make him understand that the way he talks to others is not acceptable and to also let him know how his voice in the house sounds to the outside world. This is not the first time Shukla is receiving a warning from Salman for his behaviour in the house.

Even in the last Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Salman was seen scolding Shukla and even asked him to have a one-on-one with him as he was seen fighting with Asim. Well, it seems like it’s time now for Shukla to get his act together. Also, Sidharth Shukla will be the captain of the house, and he will also be seen getting into a fight with Vishal Aditya Singh after Vishal and Rashami gets scolded by Bigg Boss for stealing the luxury budget.

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