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Salman Khan gets a new house adjacent to Bigg Boss 13 house

Take a look at Salman Khan’s new chalet adjacent to Bigg Boss 13 house.

No doubt Bigg Boss is nothing without Salman Khan. Ever since the actor has started hosting it, the TRPs have always been the highest. This is the 13th season of Bigg Boss and the makers are making it sure that they fulfill every wish of the host.

The Bigg Boss house previously located in Lonavala is now shifted to Film City, Mumbai and Salman are finding it difficult to travel from Bandra, all thanks to the Mumbai traffic.  

So, Salman has got a lavish new house adjacent to the Bigg Boss 13 house. Keeping the look minimalistic, it’s got an elegant vibe. A big ‘S’ is structured by the TV area. You can see pictures and portraits of Salman Khan in the house. The chalet has muted and earthy colors. 

During the launch of Bigg Boss 13, Salman explained why Film City is not a good choice for the venue. “Less of travel (will be required), yes, in kilometers, but in the wrong traffic hour, so it is more of travel. From here to Lonavala it takes anything between one hour fifteen minutes and two hours. From (Salman’s residence) Galaxy to Filmcity, in bad traffic, it takes a good two-and-a-half to three hours, sometimes even more,” he said.  

Take a look at Salman’s house here.

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