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Salman Khan Hosted Bigg Boss 15 To Air For 6 Months?

According to some reports Salman Khan's Bigg Boss 15 might be the longest season.

Salman Khan hosted Bigg Boss is all set for its new season. The controversial show never always keeps it audience hooked due to its sudden twists and turns. From past 2 seasons the makers have tested audience and inmates’ patience after extending the show by a month making them the longest seasons in Bigg Boss’ history.

Now it looks like the makers have to decided throw in a major surprise by keeping the next season for 6 long months. Yes, you heard that right, according to some reports Bigg Boss 15 might be the longest season. To make it more exciting, after every eviction a new wild card contestant will enter the house which will go on 6 months.

Although there is no official confirmation about it, everyone will be curious to know who comes out as the ultimate winner by staying inside the mad house for the longest period of time.

Meanwhile, every day we get to know celebs being approached to participate in the controversial show but none of them have confirmed their participations.

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