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Saahil Uppal: I Was Shattered, Wanted To Quit The Industry

In his recent interview conversation with a leading digital entertainment portal off late, TV actor Saahil Uppal said I was shattered, wanted to quit the industry.

In his recent interview with a leading digital entertainment portal, this hunk TV actor currently winning hearts of fans and audiences with his remarkable performance as Omkar (Omi) in Colors TV’s hit show Pinjara Khubsurti Ka, Saahil Uppal says I was shattered, wanted to quit the industry.

Currently seen essaying the character of main lead Omi flawlessly this bonafide TV star who has also been part of several other serials, Saahil Uppal says I was shattered, wanted to quit the industry.

In this recent exclusive interview conversation, also opening up on moment which motivated him to become an better actor, Saahil Uppal says I was shattered, wanted to quit the industry.

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When asked about whether it was true that he wanted to totally quit the industry whilst his second show, on this Saahil shared, “It was second show of my career and that show had some amazing actors and I was the only one new/naive/amateur. I was trying my best but there was definitely scope for improvement. So, on my very first day of the shoot, director lost it and yelled at me in front of the whole cast and crew, I was numb and shattered. I quietly got back home and broke down, wrote my first and last journal about that incident, I was so taken aback. I thought that they would replace me, I will have no work. I was scared”.

Further, he also adds, “I prepared my mind to go back and leave the industry for good because I wasn’t ready to face that type of treatment again. I slept over it but next day I received my call time and without thinking twice, I wanted to go to the set again and see how would it go. Nothing like that happened ever again but I started working on my craft even more religiously. The incident is still fresh in my mind, one of the memories I will never forget”.

When asked about did he bump into that director again and what was his reaction, he responded, “Almost after 2.5-3 years later, I was in the same premise as that director, he approached me and praised me for the work I was doing, for my bettered acting skills. I felt emotional. No grudges against him, his scolding made me strive to learn and work even harder”.

Opening up on how entering this industry was not easy for him and also mentioning about his struggles as an actor, Saahil said, “I did face my share of struggle. Without any experience and knowledge of the craft I had come to Mumbai to give acting a shot, hence faced struggle but I took it positively because with each passing day of rejection, I learnt”.

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